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LA LA LAND is Going on a Live Concert Tour

LA LA LAND is Going on a Live Concert Tour

After a particularly insane Oscar night, La La Land lost to Moonlight for Best Picture. However, they still had a lot of victories in other categories. Damien Chazelle’s original musical brought home six Academy Awards, a very impressive return at the box office, and now, the widely talked about film is taking its music on tour in a multi-city concert experience.

Lionsgate has announced that La La Land In Concert: A Live-To-Film Celebration will kick off a nationwide tour at the famed Hollywood Bowl on Memorial Day weekend, with performances on Friday, May 26, and Saturday, May 27. While Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling will not be joining the tour, a 100-piece symphony orchestra, choir, and Jazz ensemble will score and accompany their vocal contributions. The director of the concert, Richard Kraft, indicated that the concert tour will be “a one-of-kind concert experience, which becomes a hybrid of film, pre-recordings and incredible live musicianship.”

“For me, one of the most thrilling and fulfilling parts of making La La Land was scoring the film to a live orchestra: a hundred phenomenal local musicians playing in real-time to the Technicolor images, bringing Justin’s compositions to vivid life,” shared Chazelle. “I couldn’t be more excited to share that experience with audiences this summer, let alone in a setting as epic and as quintessentially ‘LA’ as the Hollywood Bowl.”

Considering the ending of La La Land involves a surreal sequence that blends fantasy and reality, it will be interesting to see how that experience translates to a live tour. So far, the US cities confirmed for the tour are Atlanta, Seattle, Portland, San Diego, San Antonio, Dallas, Indianapolis, Nashville, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Denver, and Washington D.C.; with additional tour stops to be announced. The concert tour will also go international with stops in Canada, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Italy, Turkey, and Switzerland.

Are you excited about the chance to see the music of La La Land in concert? Reply in song in the comment section below!

Image: Summit Entertainment

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