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KONG: SKULL ISLAND Gets a New, King-Sized Ride at Universal Orlando

With the new King Kong movie, Skull Island, now in production, it makes sense for Universal to want to capitalize on one of their literal biggest icons. And while Universal Studios Hollywood has had Peter Jackson’s King Kong 360 3D as part of the backlot tour for a while now, the studio’s Orlando-based theme park has been missing the Eighth Wonder of the World since the old Kongfrontation ride closed in 2002.

Well, since last year we’ve heard figurative and literal rumblings about an attraction that would seem to be a segue to the next movie…

The visuals are straight out of King Kong 360 3D, which makes sense given how expensive those were to create in the first place. The ride, however, is described as one of Universal’s longest, and sounds like it builds up to the footage we know, in new ways that we don’t and through giant sets.

Via Slashfilm, quoting a press release:

Your first objective is to reach the communication base amid the outlying ruins. Communication is key and a crackling radio broadcast from scientists, expedition leaders and fellow explorers warns of the treacheries that lay ahead. Undaunted—though certainly a bit uneasy—you head towards your next objective: the 8th Wonder Expedition base camp. There is a hypnotic presence in the rhythmic beating of distant drums that draws you deeper and deeper into an ancient ruin, almost against your will. Signs of a native presence become evident. But are they still around? Finally, you make it through to base camp and expedition vehicles. You set off for the heart of the island to rendezvous with your expedition leader.

Within minutes, you come upon a massive temple wall. Drums beat, flames arise, huge wooden doors swing open and you drive through. You now face a dark labyrinth of caves where danger lurks around every bend. You manage to narrowly escape the caves… but the jungle ahead holds yet another breathtaking challenge. Suddenly, you find yourself in the midst of a raging struggle between creatures of incomprehensible size and ferocity. All seems lost until, from out of nowhere, a deafening roar cuts through the melee. The mighty Kong has arrived! But is he friend or foe? Well, you’ll have to find out this summer.

SPOILER: He’s almost certainly friend. Kong really hasn’t been a bad guy since his original 1933 incarnation as stomper and eater of the people who worshipped him. Every King Kong remake to follow has made him progressively more sentimental. On the other hand, the next Kong is being built up as a potential opponent for Godzilla, so he’s gonna have to regain the “Eye of the Kaiju” sometime. Why not now?

Anyway, here’s a newer video, unveiled today, which shows you a little more.

It looks like King Kong 360 3D and the Disney Indiana Jones ride got mashed up, which makes sense because I’m jonesin’ to see more. How about you?

Swing your way down to comments and tell us if you’d ride this.

Image: Universal Studios

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