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Kojima, Reedus, del Toro, Oh My! Our Hopes for SILENT HILLS

Hey there pals, and welcome to a very spooky hump day episode of Nerdist News!

On today’s show, you’ll get Jessica Chobot flipping out over the Guillermo Del Toro/Hideo Kojima/Norman Reedus reboot of the Silent Hill franchise, commentary on where this Hollywood takeover of video games might be headed, and, of course, your weekly Pull List with Dan Casey!

Enjoy the show, don’t miss a new episode of The Dan Cave, come on back to see us again tomorrow and give us your best celebrity/video game franchise combo in the comments below!

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  1. Curt1221 says:

    Honestly, Hollywierd can’t do video games on their own, and Video games are becoming a bad one night stand. The fact that GDT is doing a mash-up with Kojima is what will make this game work. Too many games today don’t have that wow factor story telling as earlier games and they are over before you can really enjoy them. Also as you have seen with some of the games you mentioned Hollywood is not very good at video games. i think if more over the top story tellers such as GDT were to work with the gaming industry and subsequently the gaming industry stopped trying to make a quick buck with lack luster games and 20 hours of DLC we will see a real turn around for today’s games.

  2. Ubberalice says:

    I don’t recall Lollipop Chainsaw being a disappointment. James Gunn worked with Suda 51 and it was awesome.

  3. RedwoodCoast says:

    Hollywood actors yes.   Creative types.   Not so much.   Gotta have comic/gamer cred like these two doing silent hill. 

  4. Fartbooty says:

    u r so hot i ♥ u!

  5. wohren says:

    sean bean in a witcher-eske game where he doesn’t die…

  6. …it’s nice and good but… would people stop referring to EVERYTHING as a reboot?

  7. Its a great idea! I would love to play my favorite game of all time with the hot Norman Reedus as the main character! 

  8. Sub says:

    Good for the collaboration between Kojima and GdT… bad for “the walking dead” actor… I mean, I have no problem with him doing vocal recordings or motion captures, but having to play controlling “Norman Reedus” in Silent Hill? it’s going to feel weird and too much “hollywood” for my taste…

  9. mikedudez says:

    dammit not another silent hill snore

  10. right there with you Jess.