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Know Your Bond with Massive 007 Infographic

When Spectre is released early in November in North America, it’ll be the 24th James Bond movie in 53 years. Not too shabby, really, for a super spy who began life in books in the 1950s. But as Bond has shaken and stirred his way through adventure after adventure, he’s racked up all kinds of stats in areas both impressive and dubious. You could sit and try to count everything yourself, OR you could just allow a fancy schmancy new infographic to do it for you.

The folks over at have made a super long, super hefty, and super informative scroll taking you through all the big things in the history of the book and film franchise. Once you read this, you won’t need to read any encyclopedia about it (unless I write one, which I might, you don’t know).

A couple of my favorite snippets from the infograph include:

Bond Infographic Deaths

These movies always have a pretty high body count, what with bad guys killing innocent people and MI-6 killing all sorts of jumpsuited henchmen, but I certainly didn’t know it reached peak murder in the 1967 film You Only Live Twice, which saw the death toll reach three shy of two-hundo. That’s the movie where a ton of Japanese soldiers and James Bond take on a volcano-lair-ful of Blofeld’s baddies. Also, Pierce Brosnan does the most individual damage in his first outing, 1995’s GoldenEye. Nothing like starting with a bang.

On the other side of things, we have Bond’s love life.

Bond Infographic Loves

Now, dude has gotten around quite a bit, actually sleeping with 55 women in the 23 films. That equates to just over two women per movie, which actually checks out pretty well if you follow the formula of those movies. Roger Moore had sex with the highest number of women at 19 across his seven films, which is just a slightly higher per-film average than the series as a whole.

The full infograph has more tidbits like what percentage of Bond’s ladies get killed, which films are the closest adaptations to Ian Fleming’s novels, and a breakdown of villains and of some of the weirder Q Branch gadgets. It’s a good primer for anybody, or a good refresher for fans of the franchise leading in to Spectre. The full graph is below.

Let us know your favorite Bond factoids, along with your favorite films in the series, in the comments below!

Feature Image: Sony

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