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Completely Ridiculous Knockoff Halloween Costumes Are Kinda Amazing

Witches and ghouls, goblins and ghosts, demons and vampires–those are all scary. But you know what really frightens some people at Halloween? Licensing rights. The fees to make official get-ups for famous franchises is downright terrifying for some companies, so they find creative ways to get around them while still letting the public know exactly what character costumes they are trying to sell. Those knockoffs often look totally fine, but their replacement names are downright ridiculous, as Twitter users proved when they shared the funniest facsimiles on the market.

It all started when Entertainment Weekly’s Dana Schwartz shared a “Notionless” costume and asked Twitter to post the silliest fakes they have seen. The internet did not disappoint, like with this one that reminds us to never say “Juice Demon” three times.

Who doesn’t remember looking for “Stripey Dude?” as a kid?

Love playing this on my XSquare 2.

Who doesn’t fondly remember the late Paul Julian playing Creepy Husband in The Madam Family Tree movies?

Can’t wait to see how her story ends in Universe Battles: Chapter 9.

This might be the best, because not only is it equally clever and stupid, this is what you get when you find a second-rate genie and wish for a great costume.

My favorite movie from this franchise was The Craving Events: Developing Flames.

“Sexy Factory Worker” sounds like a very different type of costume than this William Wonker ensemble.

Can’t wait to see Margaret Roberts play this iconic character again in Death Team 2.

TFW when your knockoff has a knockoff.

This “double” costume is so committed to the knockoff they don’t even go with “priest.”

This could also be a Lennie from Of Mice and Men costume, right?

Uh, they’re “Super” Sidekick Bros. thank you very much.

Good grief at least call him an “animal” and not a mouse.

Of course, leave it to our very own Dan Casey to find maybe the dumbest one of them all.

I forget, does that Juice Demon guy show up in Danny Cuestick’s Tick Tock? If not, someone should make that movie, even if it would be a pretty stupid knockoff they always make us laugh.

What’s the funniest ripoff costume you’ve seen? Share it with us in the comments below.

Featured Image: Netflix

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