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Kill Some Demons In The First Trailer For NBC’s Constantine

If there’s one thing DC managed to pull off this season, it was racing ahead of Marvel in the series development game. This upcoming season will bring television adaptations of Gotham, Flash, iZombie and Constantine, the latter of which is today’s topic of interest.

It was no surprise NBC wanted to jump on a property like this, following the abrupt success of Fox’s Sleepy Hollow. Now, from the mind of Man of Steel writer David S. Goyer, we can watch as Matt Ryan brings the Hellblazer character to life in the first official trailer for the series:

A little Supernatural, a little Sleepy Hollow, a whole lot of freaking badass.

There was absolutely some skepticism going around about this one, but if this trailer is any indication of what to expect, we’re in for something truly excellent come this fall. The action looks great, Matt Ryan absolutely destroys as far as entertainment value is concerned, and the overall series arcs appear to have lasting appeal that can definitely carry on for a few seasons at the least.

It may have been a dark-horse series for next season, but it seems Constantine is going to be one to keep an eye on. Point one for DC. And before you get too worried, Friday is where a show like this belongs. It will play very well paired next to Grimm.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we need to go learn how to use pepper spray properly.

What do you guys think of this newest iteration of John Constantine? Better or worse than Keanu Reeves? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. Nathaniel H says:

    So cool to see Atlanta’s skyline featured in the trailer!  Can’t get enough of my hometown on TV!  Especially if it’s one of those “the whole city’s power grid shuts down” shots.

  2. Doesn’t look bad. The dialogue might be a little dodgy.

  3. satori3000 says:

    Don’t base it in the US for long, aside from that I’m all over this.

  4. satori says:

    First off, why call it Constantine, they should have stuck with Hellblazer. Second, I like what I see so far, although I really hope it moves back to Europe, the comic did go to the US, but it’s really set in Europe. Beyond that I’m good, I’ll certainly watch this.

  5. I noticed an acute lack of smoking….

  6. GambitronPrime says:

    Now THIS is Constantine

  7. LBoogie says:

    Not sold, looks like pure CRAP. -_-

  8. Bret says:

    Looks like supernatural pretty much.  Too much “Constantine” and not enuff “Hellblazer”. Then again its a trailer so that might just be to get the initial audience.

    • Dan Casey says:

      Here’s hoping that they take their notes from Hannibal and don’t skimp on the crazy.

    • Demko says:

      Actually, Bret – I believe they’re leaving ‘Hellblazer’ behind… for now. Yes, John and Chas are there, but the other two primary characters, Manny (Perrineau) and Liv (Griffiths), both appear to be new characters. I’m fairly positive the story they’re setting up, for season 1 at least, is original to the TV series. They may dip into the book plotlines at some point, but initially, the mythology is being built from the ground up, with the same central characters.

      • hellblazer was written by some of the top names in comics. goyer’s good, but he’s no moore, or ennis, or milligan or etc etc etc. Network tv could never reproduce that energy, its best if they just build from nothing and leave the stories from hellblazer alone

  9. Dt says:

    Yep I’m watching it!

  10. Andy says:

    Looks great to me. I’ll reserve judgement for the first few episodes, but I’m on board!

  11. Dan Casey says:

    I wasn’t sold on Goyer tackling Constantine until I saw Da Vinci’s Demons. Now, after seeing this, I am very much on board.

  12. Looks good, can not wait.

  13. Jon says:

    Oh hell yes