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Kick Off 31 Days of Halloween with a Sneak Peek at Our New Show, THE TERROR TWINS PRESENT

It’s no secret that we’re absolutely batty for Halloween here at Nerdist, and to commemorate the spooky season, we’ll be celebrating 31 Days of Halloween throughout the month of October! Each day we’ll have something delightfully macabre prepared for you, from tasty themed treats to horror classic retrospectives. To kick things off, we’re giving you an advance look at a brand new Nerdist show, The Terror Twins Present.

Written by Nerdist News‘ own Andrew Bowser and Terror Twins star Madeline Walter, The Terror Twins Present sees Elvira-esque Trixie and Tawny Terror hosting a public access show, interviewing celebrity guests like Doug Jones (Falling Skies, Hellboy, Crimson Peak) and Brian Huskey (Neighbors, This is the End), and interacting with off-beat characters like “Pinhead Perry,” the stage manager and ghost-intern who died on the job (Orange is the New Black‘s Lauren Lapkus). The Terror Twins Present combines the tongue-in-cheek talk show parody of Comedy Bang! Bang! with the macabre humor of Beetlejuice for a uniquely funny tone that highlights the comedic talents of Madeline Walter (UCB, Childrens Hospital) and Olivia Taylor-Dudley (5secondfilms, The Vatican Tapes), who star as Trixie and Tawny.

In the show’s premiere episode, the Terror twins are joined by the great Doug Jones! Hot off an appearance at Buzzsaw To The Face Con, Jones discusses his role Falling Skies and Trixie reminisces over some of his earliest characters. Also on the couch this week is Shawna Szorlak, animal expert! She has some gruesome finds that may just send Tawny over the edge.

The Terror Twins Present premieres tomorrow, October 2 at 9 am PT right here on Nerdist, but in the meantime you can peruse these exclusive photos from the first episode (as well as a print by Titan Comics’ Doctor Who artist Des Taylor), watch an Instagram preview of the first episode, and tell me where I can find all those glittery spider accessories. I need them in my life.

Stay up to date with all our frighteningly fun Halloween fare by using the hashtag #Nerdoween (yes), and let us know what your October plans are!

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  1. Jake says:

    I thought Andrew Bowser’s last Halloween short Monster Machine had some of the best nods and homages while retaining it’s own comedy satire on the whole thing. AKA, I loved it!!!! A lot! Plus it’s starring Andrew himself and David Neher, who is Todd on the show Community.  Love your work, keep it up.

  2. Alex says:

    He, Bewbs. 

  3. Nadine says:

    Couldn’t find anyone with bigger boobs?? And your authors are pissed off about DC t-shirts saying “wife”??  Screw you nerdist, i’m so over this site.  Total dislike for the hypocracy!

  4. MBRN says:


  5. paranii says:

    god, olivia is so beautiful…