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KEY & PEELE Sums Up Why OutKast Isn’t Together Anymore

There is essentially nothing from the 2000s that we want to come back more than OutKast, and that’s including Frankie Muniz, Eminem’s oval wire-framed glasses, and Paris Hilton rocking a ton of denim with Nicole Richie. André 3000 and Big Boi reunited for a brief tour in 2014 and that was fun, but what we’d really love is another OutKast album.

Sadly, it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen anytime soon, and the potential reasons are plentiful: André 3000 has taken a big break from music, so maybe his disinterest in recording and performing led to the group breaking up in 2006. Big Boi wanted to build up his solo career, so that could have also factored in. But we’re going with the theory as presented in a sketch from a recent Key & Peele episode: André 3000 just got too friggin’ weird for Big Boi to deal with.

First: Yes, we noticed the sketch is dated 2005—while the band was still active and a year away from releasing their final album, Idlewild—but we’ll ignore the error because we respect the truth being conveyed here. Also, the duo seemed to have been on rocky terms during their final years as a group, so maybe they were already estranged in 2005 and Key & Peele has some insight that we do not. It wouldn’t be the first time.

Besides, if your high school friend started started speaking only in vague, colorful imagery, wouldn’t you get tired of it? There’s only so many times a person can be asked to look into pinwheels with their third eye before it gets old.

It’s the sad truth, but at least we finally know. Thanks, Key & Peele.

HT: Consequence of Sound

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