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Key & Peele are Trying to Bring Mr. Garvey to the Big Screen

Sketch comedy is often a hit-or-miss proposition, but every so often a show comes along that reminds us how great the medium can be. Be it Saturday Night Live, The State, or The Chapelle Show, when good sketch comedy hits, it hits. That said, without a doubt, the best sketch comedy series going right now is Comedy Central’s critically and commercially adored Key & Peele. Now in its fourth season, the show has received massive acclaim, even getting praise at one time by the Commander-in-Chief himself. However, of everything the duo has done over the years, one sketch in particular has truly stood out as something special for audiences:

The substitute teacher bit has taken on a life of its own, and now it appears talks are underway to bring the character of Mr. Garvey to the big screen. According to the duo in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, a script for a feature film based on the sketch is going to be written by two of the show’s writers (though which two is currently unknown) and talks with Paramount are currently in the negotiation stage.

Since the duo gave no indication of plot, I’m just gonna throw it out there that I’d love to see a remake of the Tom Berenger ’90s classic, The Substitute. However, instead of Garvey trying to take down corruption in the inner city, he does it in suburbia. Basically, think 22 Jump Street without the cops as students angle. Oh man, this needs to happen.

Would you watch a Mr. Garvey film? Let us know in the comments below.

[HT: /Film]

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  1. WrightJeffd says:

    Damn I gotta share this shit. It’s too good.

  2. Wouldn’t it make more sense to just do a Key & Peele movie, with all of their characters featured? (Maybe a cameo with Liam Neesons and the doormen? Saw that promo they did together, and I was in stitches!) I think their unique chemistry as two very talented comedians and character actors could carry a movie well enough, but focusing on one character would likely be pretty weak. I’d still go and see it though. Thems is some funny dudes!

  3. Chris says:

    Ya done messed up…..Mrrlll(?)! What kinda a silly-ass name is that?

  4. Joe says:

    Love the Kee and Peele and would love to see this character in a feature film!

  5. J. Oliver says:

    When I first saw this sketch I was not an adjunct faculty member at a local university, hired to replace the professor who had suddenly left.  Now I am.  One day I tested the students’ sense-of-humor quotient by asking for “Ba Lakay” when calling the roll.  I don’t think they were ready for an over-60-year-old white woman who watched Key & Peele.  So, yes, I would watch a Mr. Garvey film!, Hell, I’ll buy tickets for my entire class!

  6. this is the very first skit i ever saw from them like two years ago? CRACKED ME UP, had to stop working on my project to watch and ever since I’ve been a MAJOR FAN. My favorite show. I don’t like to watch too much tv, but since I’m an actor myself, I’ll try and catch a movie, OR Key & Peele (K&P). I record their series on my cable service. BRING ON THE MR. GARVEY MOVIE.

  7. A-A-ron says:

    One of my least favorite characters they do, but i will probably watch it anyways because it’s Key and Peele and they are amazing..

  8. Louanne says:

    Yes!  Yes!!  A thousand times, yes!!

  9. Mishen says:

    I would gladly watch such a thing.  I would also accept their Inner City Wizard School sketch becoming its own TV series >.>

    • Kelly says:

      I love the inner city Wizard sketch too! Being a  fan of Harry Potter I think it’s great! That I would definitely watch on the regular.

  10. Kris says:

    Hell to the YES!! Please do! 

  11. mafafu says:

    Four letter word Yes.

  12. Bob says:

    Maybe the villian’s name can be Ozmataz Buckshank.

  13. Turk says:

    YES!!!! My girl and I have been saying it forever that there needs to be a Mr. Garvey movie and if the plot indication was anything it was kind of what I suggested there be, him bringing down suburban crime.

  14. Danni says:

    I like the idea him appearing in a movie–but I can’t see him as a main character… Him as the main character would just… seem to get annoying…

  15. Myra Elisa says:

    I wonder who would play O’Shaughnessy? *ROTFL*

  16. Wolf-man says:

    Don’t get me wrong. That’s a great sketch but it seems kind of random to make that one into a movie. Its not like he’s a recurring character or anything. 
    Wouldn’t it make more sense to make a movie off of Luther, Obama’s anger translator? or the two girls that they have a few sketches about?