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Key and Peele Debut New Sketch Early, Land ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY Editing Gig

Are you not sure how to conduct yourself at a gay wedding? Wondering when you’re supposed to sing the gay hymnals? Wondering where you can stock up on some “gay” gifts? Then Key & Peele are here to help with this new sketch from the fourth season of their series.

“Gay Wedding Advice” is hilarious, but better still for all of the character actors sitting the in the Q&A circle. Some of you might recognize Fringe star and Destiny voice actor Lance Reddick as the man asking about the gay hymns, while The Boondocks’ Uncle Ruckus himself, Gary Anthony Williams, is chilling in the back, lobbing questions. Oh, and Weeds and 40-Year-Old Virgin actor Romany Malco is there, too. Nice!

The clip makes its debut the same day that Entertainment Weekly announced that Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key will be guest editors for the magazine’s comedy issue. The cover date October 3 issue will feature the comedians weighing on on their favorite sketches and comedians, and also writing this week’s Must List and Bullseye.

According to Entertainment Weekly, some of the featured stories that the duo have chosen include a blind date with Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Mindy Project stars Chelsea Peretti and Ike Barinholtz; a Mr. Show reunion (by phone); a guide to one of the greatest sketch television shows of all time, MTV’s The State; oh, and a profile of Key and Peele themselves as they talk about the origins of their own imminently quotable show and having to say no to the President of the United States of America.

The new season of Key & Peele airs tonight at 10 on Comedy Central.

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  1. Can’t believe how well this one seems to work, like it’s firing on eight cylinders. It might actually pull off educating a ton of people while parodying their misconceptions. Oh man, how good is “Now can we see the pony show from the straight section, or are we way in the back somewhere?” Does that touch on bus segregation along with the idea that having equality in law somehow means being demoted to second class? (Equal = less than! Ha!) And generally missing the point that groups facing bigotry just want inclusion & the removal of inequality, but not some threatening reversal of the bigotry? Absurdity like “Camel Cash” is always my favorite.
    I wish I really had the ability to follow all the ideas writers put into stuff like this. Some of it I get, but I’m left with a sense that this one might be genius that I can’t fully appreciate. But I can still enjoy the shit outta it. Everyone was great in it.

    • Oh yeah, really liked how supportive the family is & how they kinda got into things even when those things could be insulting misconceptions that people would be frightened by not long ago. Great dynamic. Kinda wanted Gary to come back at the end to get a copy of their notes to show people, but not really sure how that’d play.