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Keith Olbermann, Noel Fielding, Josh Brolin, Oscar Nominees: The Week In Podcasts

Time to check on what we had this week on the Nerdist Podcast Network and… oh, hey, look, lots of great shows! Like:

On The Jonah Keri Podcast, Keith Olbermann was so interesting Jonah split the episode in two; here’s part 1 and here’s part 2. Keith talked about baseball, of course, explaining how he became a fan, going as a kid to Yankee Stadium and Jarry Park and Cooperstown and how baseball cards became his education, and he spoke candidly about his career, from Cornell to local L.A. TV to his ESPN stints, how reading about Benjamin Disraeli got him a plum job at NBC, politics, race, and The Simpsons. In other words, a podcast custom-designed for me. Also you, probably. Really, it’s a great one.

Noel Fielding, who you’ll know as The Mighty Boosh‘s Vince Noir, did the Nerdist Podcast on the precipice of his U.S. standup tour, and the discussion goes from playing huge venues to the Marx Brothers to Raymond Burr’s island to everything about the Boosh. And Chris suggests a radical career move that makes sense when you hear it.

Coming up sometime today- it may be up by now, maybe not (I have to write this in advance of the episode posting, so I don’t know when it’ll be ready), Josh Brolin will be on the Nerdist Podcast to talk about Hail, Caesar! and to find out just what a podcast is. And The Goonies, being in the Marvel universe, James Spader, his various roles over the years, and working with the Coen Brothers. It’s another good one, so look for it.

How many of this year’s Oscar nominees do YOU know? Me, neither, but Kevin and Steve do, and on Chewin’ It, nominee Tom McArdle, up for his editing of Spotlight, talked about the editing process, his work on Tom McCarthy’s movies, and, of course, farting in the edit room.

Speaking of Oscar nominees, Charles Randolph is up (with Adam McKay) for Best Adapted Screenplay for The Big Short, and we got a great insight into his process and career on The Writers Panel.

Bruce Eric Kaplan has one of the coolest careers of all: prolific cartoonist in The New Yorker, author, TV writer and producer on shows like Seinfeld, Six Feet Under, and Girls, and, this week, guest on You Made it Weird with Pete Holmes.

Neil Strauss, the guy who wrote The Game, the book about becoming a pick-up artist, and The Truth, which found him dealing with trying to build monogamous relationships after living a decidedly different lifestyle, offered advice and insight on Love, Alexi.

Kira Soltanovich returned for another session with Not-A-Doctor Levy on
Cash Withdrawal. Yoga pants, holidays, showing pictures of your child, dick pics, relationships… the conversation goes all over the place, as usual.

What do you do when you lose your podcast guest at the last minute? If you’re Kurt Braunohler, you do a “Get Lost” episode with your dog Zelda on The K Ohle. Yes, he put a blindfold on her. And it’s a stream-of-consciousness one-sided conversation that ended up pretty compelling.

Tom’s friends Marcus and Thomas dropped by Pro You Podcast for another advice-and-inspiration-filled roundtable episode.

Jessica returned with tales of an alleged NASA cover-up on Bizarre States.

Fortune Feimster joined Arden, Erin, and Eddie for Bachelor analysis-of-sorts on Will You Accept This Rose?

Bianca Moran is a model and a vegan and a serial entrepreneur who’s created a “sustainable shoe” company called Susi and told Gil all about it on THe Mutant Season.

If you’ve been listening to The Jackie and Laurie Show, you know that they have very, very strong opinions on the comedy industry, and on this week’s episode, they got very specific about club and bookers and indignities they’ve experienced in their careers. And they dove into the joke-theft controversy. Oh, and Laurie admitted to dropping into a comedy club to do a set while on vacation, which may violate the definition of “vacation.” You don’t work on vacation, do you?

And we had new episodes of Half Hour Happy Hour, on which robot chefs and an interesting way to barter for driving lessons in the Netherlands were discussed, and Kicking and Screaming on which the Bodhi analyzed in great depth how he treats Jenna.

All of it lives at the Nerdist Podcast Network homepage and Facebook page. Go listen and subscribe, and thanks!

Contributor: Kyle Clark
Photo: ESPN

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