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Keep Track of the Movies You’ve Watched with This Scratch-able Poster

Chances are you’ve stumbled upon one of those “essential movie” quizzes online where you have to click through an endless ad-supported page only to get some canned response at the end and maybe a link to share what you’ve seen via social media. But after all is said and done, your link is posted, and that aunt that leaves a signature on every online comment applauds you for watching movies, what do you really have? Not much. That’s what. Well, a new poster from Pop Chart Lab aims to turn your cinephile tendencies into modern art with this scratch-able chart!

What you’re looking at is basically a giant lottery ticket with the difference being that you’ve already won the prize of experiencing great cinema by the time you’re ready to scratch off a panel. The “100 Essential Films Scratch-off Chart” is available for pre-order and–as you may figured out by now–features scratch-off sections for 100 essential films. What’s particularly cool is that each panel of the 18″ x 24″ chart has a story-specific detail in both the final image and the design of the silver/grey lottery ticket-like scratch-off material (there’s gotta be a real name for that stuff, right? We shan’t be looking it up!)

Prices start at $35 directly from Pop Chart Lab for the chart itself as well as a number of different framing options for additional fees. Though, when framed, it’s without a clear acrylic front panel for what they state are “obvious scratch-enabling reasons.”

Know a cinephile who’d have to scratch every panel immediately? How about a new fan of film that’s only got a couple to clear? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

Images: Pop Chart Lab

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