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THE KARATE KID TV Series, Starring Ralph Macchio, is Coming to YouTube Red

This is not a drill—I repeat, this is not a drill. Everyone’s favorite 1980s underdog, Daniel LaRusso and chief bully Johnny Lawrence, are reuniting for a sequel to The Karate Kid. (Just let that one sink in for a second.) Titled Cobra Kai—named after the rival dojo of which Lawrence was a member, two of the film’s original stars, Ralph Macchio and William Zabka, will return for the project. And what makes the news even sweeter is instead of simply getting a feature film, Cobra Kai will be a 10-episode series on the streaming subscription service YouTube Red.

It’s time to get reintroduced to one of the more iconic moments in film history.

The Hollywood Reporter has additional details, which picks up 30 years after the infamous 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament and follows a down-on-his-luck Johnny as he reopens the Cobra Kai dojo. This brings his old rival Daniel back into his life. It seems Johnny’s had a better career and life post-tournament, but yet he still can’t find balance in his life as an adult without Mr. Miyagi. C’mon Daniel, one of these days you need to work on your co-dependent issues.

Aside from the awesome news of this series being made, what really caught my eye is that it’s being setup as a comedy, which makes total sense. There’s nothing about two adults addressing their demons after 30 years while bonding over karate that screams “drama.” We need to see Daniel ribbing Johnny for falling for that crane kick, or the two reminiscing about old times at the local bar. Daniel and Johnny should absolutely not take themselves too seriously.

What do you think of Daniel and Johnny teaming up for Cobra Kai? Before you start practicing your crane kicks and serenading the words to “You’re The Best Around,” let us know in the comments below.

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