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JUSTICE LEAGUE LEGO Sets Reveal Superman and Steppenwolf

If you watched the extended, R-rated cut of Batman V Superman, you got a quick look at evil alien Steppenwolf, as filtered through Kryptonian push-pin hologram technology. Now, via official LEGO sets from the Justice League movie the next big-screen foe for our DC heroes may have been more fully revealed.


We say “may have” because LEGO sets don’t always portray the final version of what makes it to the screen: in the Wonder Woman movie set representing the final battle, for example, a goggled Steve Trevor was portrayed flying the stolen monoplane from earlier in the movie to mount a King Kong-style attack on Ares, who was most definitely not rocking a Thewlis ‘stache. But considering he resembles his BvS incarnation mixed with a Ciaran Hinds-ish scowl, it seems likely that this “big fig” will be reasonably close to the movie version. And now that he’s been revealed in LEGO, expect him to begin appearing in even more merchandise.

Superman looks like Superman. No surprise there.

76087_Box2_v29 - Copy

DC’s Big Three–Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman–come (alongside Cyborg) with the biggest set, the $129.99 Flying Fox vehicle that also contains a mini-Batmobile. To unite the league, however, you’ll need all three sets. Flash comes with another Bat-vehicle: the $49.99 Nightcrawler. We’ve seen both of these in trailers and stills, so they seem pretty screen-accurate.


Aquaman, on the other hand, gets a whole thematic set all to himself: the $19.99 Battle of Atlantis, which allows you to launch Parademons (with foil wings!) at the big arch to knock it down.


Each set also comes with one of the three Mother Boxes, which created Cyborg in BvS and are being sought by Steppenwolf now.


Batman does NOT include a razor. Who has time to shave when aliens are attacking?

HyperFocal: 0

The vehicles include movable parts, stud-shooting weapons, and power blasts. Check out all the details in our full gallery below.

Are you planning on picking these up? Can Batfleck defeat LEGO Movie Batman on his home turf (i.e. your toy room)? Let us know in comments!

Images: LEGO

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