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Just How Many People Has Liam Neeson Killed? This Map Has The Answer

Liam Neeson is a bad-ass killing machine (on screen, at least). We’ve known this since the early days of Darkman, but just how much of a badass is he? Well, pretty badass considering the man pulls double duty as both a Jedi master and Batman’s mentor. But just how badass are we talking? Is he Jack Bauer badass? Han Solo badass? Star-Lord badass? Well, it seems Universal is looking to answer that question with something awesome they’ve released to help promote the actor’s latest film, A Walk Among the Tombstones: a kill chart tracking all of the Liam’s “activities” across the many film universes he inhabits (you’ll understand when you see):


The glaring omission of The A-Team aside, it comes as no surprise that Taken is the winner of this battle. You don’t steal Liam Neeson’s daughter. It’s like line 1, page 1 in the bad guy manual, “Don’t steal the daughter of the Neesons, for ye shall have the vengeance of a thousand suns wrought down upon thee.” That’s a direct quote.

However, while Taken may have taken (wink wink) the lead in the competition, there are some worthy runner ups, like The Phantom Menace. It really was a shame that Master Qui-Gon Jinn had to die for Anakin to live. When one considers the best things about the prequel trilogy, Qui-Gon is probably at the top the list, being the worthy wielder of the Force he was.

So the lesson here is simple: don’t mess with Liam Neesons because unlike The Hunger Games, the odds are never in your favor.

A Walk Among the Tombstones hits theaters September 19th.

What’s your favorite Liam Neeson movie? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Miss says:

    There is one graphic represented on the map that is not in the legend.

  2. Will Find You says:

    “Now’s not the time for dick measuring, Stuart!” –

  3. No mention of Ireland (where he killed his wife in High Spirits).

  4. Parker says:

    Why no A-team?

  5. Thomas says:

    He killed 20 battledroids….

    Luke Skywalker vaporized the Death Star with everyone inside…. 1 shot trash Liam’s entire career.

  6. GameThug says:

    31 kills?  Lame.

  7. Liz says:

    This is awesome. Any chance of getting the map in a higher resolution? I can barely read it.

  8. So this map would be Schindler’s hit list?

  9. léa says:

    he doesn’t kill anyone in the a-team, that’s why. 

  10. digiaztlan says:

    What about the A-Team?

  11. Liz Waldrip says:

    I gotta go with Darkman.  Loved him in that.

  12. Kashistie says:

    Where’s Krull on this map?

  13. Cheryl says:

    Loved him in Rob Roy — when he grabs that sword at the end and you know it’s about to be over for the bad guy? Oh, yeah!