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Get Your First Look at JUGHEAD: THE HUNGER (Exclusive)

Just in time for Halloween, we’re getting more Jughead: The Hunger and we couldn’t’ be more excited about it. The ongoing adventures of a cursed Jughead on the run from Betty “Werewolf Slayer” Cooper is our kinda jam. If we’re being honest, all things Riverdale are our jam but we’re especially in love with Archie Comics’ hardcore horror line. Who knew brutal violence and America’s most wholesome teenagers would go together so well?


Jughead: The Hunger #1 from Archie Comics


It’s our love of Riverdale, brutal violence, and werewolves that makes us honored to present this first peek inside Jughead: The Hunger #1. These pages are raw, uncolored, unlettered, and beautiful. You don’t always get a glimpse behind the curtain like this, so soak it in and savor. Artists Pat and Tim Kennedy (along with Matt Herms and Jack Morelli) deliver some awesome stuff here, especially the splash page above that appears to be summing up the events of the stage setting one shot that kicked off Jughead: The Hunger.

Speaking of why they were drawn to the project, the Kennedys said, “What appealed to us about this book was that it was a non superhero book. As kids we always liked the more quirky titles like OMAC and Jonah Hex. This book also combines two of our favorite things…noir and horror, a great combo if done right,” they explained.

This isn’t their first time with the Riverdale gang, but it’s given them an opportunity to go a completely new direction. “We’ve drawn these characters in a different storyline before with the Life with Archie title,” they continued, “but that was a soap opera type story. The art and storytelling was a little more subtle. With a horror book, the energy is completely different. Bigger panels, a lot more movement, less nuance. Obviously, Frank is having a lot of fun writing this. A fast paced script is always fun to draw as well.”

As a special little treat (you guys have been so good lately), we’ve even got some concept art from the series. The Jughead piece is fairly standard, but Reggie is all kinds of awesome. It’s been proven by science that anybody and everybody looks cooler in an eyepatch. Reggie takes things up a notch by adding a Punisher-esque skull to his eyepatch. We can only assume that Riverdale‘s resident jerk has revenge and death on the mind, which makes sense since several people close to him have been torn to pieces by a werewolf. That’s the sort of thing that’ll change you, you know?

While details on the series are still scarce, we know we’ll be getting more werewolf horror and more badass Betty Cooper, which is all we needed to hear. We’re ready for the madness writer Frank Tieri is about to unleash. This bad boy is on our pull list and we’re counting down the days. Take a look at the pages below and get hyped.


Jughead: The Hunger #1 hits comic book shops on October 25th.

Images: Archie Comics

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