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JOURNEY May Be Finally Making Its Way onto the PS4 This Month

Journey’s long awaited transition from a PS3 indie classic to a shiny new PS4 game may finally be coming to an end, if one of Sony’s own websites may have indicated. According to a listing on Docs for PlayStation–which provides information about games)– the emotionally evocative title will be making its current gen debut July 21st. Nothing is for certain until Sony officially makes the announcement, but we wager that it’s about time Thatgamecompany’s baby finally makes its grand entrance onto the new hardware.

Most of the people who’ve been able to experience Journey have only had great things to say about it. Its focus on life’s themes and emotional connections moved many, even down to tears. For those unfamiliar with the game, you step into the shoes of a mysterious, scarf-wearing figure who must travel to a far, distant light. It’s very odd and strange in a goofy way, but I am only doing it a huge disservice by attempting to put it into such simplistic terms. If you haven’t played it already, I highly recommend that you do.

The timing couldn’t be any more perfect for this, especially with the summer video game drought in full effect. That is, of course, assuming that this release date is proven to be true. We’ve known about Journey making its way to the new console, but for some reason it has taken much longer than everyone expected it to. We will have to forgive Sony’s tardiness, however, since they are giving us this masterpiece.

Have you played this indie title? If so, were you emotionally affected by it? Make sure to let us know in the comment section below.

HT: Docs for PlayStation

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