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Josh Gad and Billy Crystal are a Different Sorta Odd Couple in THE COMEDIANS Promos

2015 will see more than one odd couple heading to the small screen — and this time we don’t mean that Thomas Lennon and Matthew Perry-fronted one. No, no: this particularly curious yet indomitable duo includes Josh Gad and Billy Crystal, the two funnymen set to star in a new FX series titled The Comedians and we’ve got some of those teeny, tiny teaser-y video bits that everyone loves here for your amuse-slash-enjoyment.

Filled with an unending supply of awkward glances, insecure chair-shuffling, uncomfortable toilet moments, and even a fart joke couched in one about timing, these first few looks at the FX series show us exactly what we might expect from a television series about which we admittedly know very little.

Based on a 2004 Swedish series titled Ulveson And Herngren — because, you know, adaptation is the new “original idea” in Hollywood — The Comedians will follow Crystal’s comedian veteran as he’s forced to work with one of those whippersnappery, know-it-all up and comer-type comedians filled with edge (and fart jokes, it seems) in order to write a light-night comedy sketch show.

Though Gad is no stranger to the small screen — he did headline NBC’s brief comedy 1600 Penn a few seasons ago — he is more well known for his time as a delusional snowman thanks to the cultural juggernaut that was Disney’s Frozen. For Crystal, however, The Comedians marks his first time on a television series (minus that briefest-of-brief Saturday Night Live stint) since ABC’s 1977-81 comedy Soap over 30 years ago.

What do you make of the promos? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. G Loomer says:

    I am looking forward to seeing the show.  What night and time is it on?

  2. rs says:

    whats up with vid #2 …. private??? :/