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Jordan Peele Explains How Hitchcockian His Next Film Will Be

Jordan Peele Explains How Hitchcockian His Next Film Will Be

In a couple weeks Jordan Peele might get a permanent name change to “Oscar winning director Jordan Peele” for his smash hit Get Out. But while the biggest accolades for his first behind the camera foray might still be ahead of him, we’re already looking to what he plans to do next, that’s why when we got the chance we had to ask him what he has planned as a followup. And while he wasn’t ready to get into specifics, the type of movie he told us he wants to make might provide even more exciting insight into what comes next.

Peele was a guest on Nerdist podcast Maltin on Movies, where Leonard and Jessie wanted to know if he already has an idea on what he’ll do next, and while he said he “can’t really say anything about it” yet, he did say he is currently working on a script and hinted at the types of movies he loves and wants to make, which was better than if he had told us an actual plot.

“I want more Hitchcockian tales, I want more Brian De Palma, I want more Kubrick, I want more Spielberg,” he said, titillating movie buffs like us everywhere. He added he hopes to continue pushing in the direction of genre. “Specifically I love B-movie premises that are executed—and as elevated a way—as possible. That’s what Jaws is to me. The best movies of all time are that. Alien, things that you could read in a pulp magazine.”

He says he wants to be like Hitchcock, who did B-movie premises “with finesse and as much artistry as possible.” That might mean his next film is another horror movie like Get Out, but considering he is citing Jaws, Alien, Hitchock, Kubrick, De Palma, and Spielberg as his inspirations we don’t need to hear much more.

Honestly it doesn’t matter what he makes next, because after Get Out we’re going to see whatever movie he makes. Especially since, whether it’s next month or not, someday he’s going to be known as “Oscar-winning director Jordan Peele.”

You can listen to the entire Maltin on Movies podcast with Jordan Peele here.

What type of movie do you expect him to make next? Our comments section is much safer than the Sunken Place, so share your best idea with us there.

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