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Episode 53: Jonah Raydio
The Bed is in the Episode

Jonah Raydio #53: The Bed is in the Episode

Kyle Clark is our guest.  Check out season 2 of Nerd Terns with Kyle Clark!


Featured Songs

Get the Show on the Road” by Canadian Winter

Bad Moves” by Crock

Shelter Song” by Temples

Dog Pills” by Wimps

“Stereo Gram” by Tacocat

Fan Art Friday #66 – DEADPOOL

Fan Art Friday #66 – DEADPOOL

Comic Book Club: Langston Belton

Comic Book Club: Langston Belton

ALL THAT Had an Even Bigger Cast Reunion at Comikaze 2015

ALL THAT Had an Even Bigger Cast Reunion at Comikaze 2015



  1. Carla says:

    How do you know, wheres your eivdence. Black men have been given credit for many things. I suppose your going to talk about whites introducing slavery. Slavery is still going on today as we know it by the blacks. The blacks sold there own people to the whites. Stop playing the innocent card all the time and actual do something with your life’s instead of being surprised when you see a successful black guy.

  2. Dan says:

    The songs were all great on this episode, possibly the best set I’ve heard. The podcast side really fell apart at the end. So I guess all in all, one of the best Jonah Raydio episodes!I

  3. neiled it says:


  4. Chris says:

    Great episode. Couldn’t stop laughing, liked every band, and it gave an achingly brief respite from the never ending slide into old age and decrepitude.

    I have been up since 5am with a two and a four year old. They’re mine, to be clear. I will accept your pity. Now, we watch Paw Patrol.

  5. Patrick says:

    Good episode guys. Everyone could be heard pretty good.

    keep it up!

  6. Donald says:

    The Karate refernce got me stoked.

    Also, can I send beer to you guys?

  7. keegan says:

    Hamilton is south of Toronto. But yay steeltown! Good stuff. Nice to find out about bands within an hour of me through a podcast based out of Los Angeles.

  8. Patrick says:


    Thanks for the shoutout?

    This episode is great so far, We can hear everyone just fine.

    Also, in central time zone…hence the 6 whatever am you are seeing

  9. Dad says:

    I made it until the end but don’t have a twitter! I would not like a Neil’d it shirt though. I think I made it because I’ve been drinking too! 518 for life thx favorite episode!

  10. Drew says:

    Hahahahahaha fucking Trekkies.

    GOAT episode boys