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Will the Joker Origin Film Mean the End of the DC Extended Universe?

Even before Man of Steel started the DC Extended Universe in 2013, DC and Warner Bros. tested the waters with its Green Lantern movie that ultimately went nowhere. But in the wake of Wonder Woman‘s success and the Joss Whedon-led reshoots of the Justice League, it seemed like the DCEU was heading in the right direction. But now, the newly revealed Joker origin movie and even The Batman solo film are apparently divorcing themselves from the DCEU. Today’s Nerdist News is consulting our Mother Box about the future of DC’s live-action universe!

Join host and Gotham City’s most underrated vigilante, Jessica Chobot, as she walks us through the latest developments for both Batman and his greatest nemesis. If Todd Phillips and Martin Scorsese have their way, the Joker’s solo flick won’t have Batman at all. Instead, it will be a gritty crime drama set in the ’80s that takes its cues from some of Scorsese’s early films like Raging Bull and Taxi Driver.

Not even Ben Affleck’s Batman is immune to the latest continuity free craze. Director Matt Reeves has indicated that his solo Bat-fleck movie, The Batman, and any of its sequels will be completely separate from the DCEU. There are also early rumors that Whedon’s Batgirl film will take a similar approach to its vision of Gotham City and its relationship to the DCEU.

Why would Warner Bros. and DC be so eager to step away from the recently formed shared universe? Because Warner Bros.’s DC films have worked best under directors with a strong sense of voice and style. For example, Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman, or even the original Superman movie by Richard Donner. Allowing Phillips and Scorsese to play with the Joker in their own movie could give that project the kind of creative freedom that they’ve always dreamed about.

It’s important to note that several DCEU films are already being filmed and developed, including the Aquaman solo movie and the Flashpoint adaptation. So it won’t be going away any time soon. However, if Phillips and Scorsese are successfully able to bring the Joker to the screen with everything that they promised then it could lead DC and WB to take even bigger chances with its superhero movies.

Are you intrigued by the possibility of Joker and The Batman leaving the DCEU behind? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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