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Join JBL and Nerdist All Weekend Long at Coachella!

It’s that time of year again! No, not the build-up to North Carolina’s annual Halifax Day celebration, silly — it’s Coachella season, and this time Nerdist is going to be there in full force. All weekend long, Nerdist editor-in-chief Brian Walton and I will be teaming up with the audio wizards over at JBL to curate a Vine series and take you behind the scenes of one of the biggest music festivals on the planet. Help Brian finish his Dance-cylopedia! Play a rousing bout of Indio Bingo with us! Watch us frantically apply sunscreen so as to shield our curiously pale skin from the unyielding assault of the desert sun! Seriously, though, it’s going to be an awesome time and we want to take you along for the ride. To illustrate our excitement, we prepared a little video for you.

Outkast, you guys! They’ll be there (amongst others). We’ll be updating a catch-all JBL/Coachella landing page for you all weekend, but you can also keep up with our antic through a variety of social media services:

Vine: JBL | Nerdist

Instagram: JBL | Nerdist | Coachella | Brian | Dan

Facebook: JBL | Nerdist | Coachella

Twitter: JBL | Nerdist | Coachella | Brian | Dan

So, join us, won’t you? They’re livestreaming the entire festival this year, so it’ll be like you’re really there without braving the elements or worrying about getting a good spot for Arcade Fire!

Will you be at Coachella? Livestreaming from home? Listening to John Cage’s “4’33” on repeat? Let us know in the comments below and tell us who you’re most excited to see.

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