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Johnny Depp and Ryan Adams Covered a Danzig Song Live in London

Yup, you read that headline right: on Thursday night in London, Ryan Adams and Johnny Depp sang a song together on stage. That’s right, the Rick Moranis of our musically obsessed hearts and Tim Burton’s vagabond-y rock sea captain got together and decided that the Danzig tune, “Mother” was a compulsory performance the duo must unleash unto the world. All we have to say is: thank goodness for awesome celebrity friendships.

Given Depp’s rock star proclivities—to say nothing of his own prowess as a guitarist—in addition to Adams’ obsession with heavy metal, it’s not a complete surprise this was their song of choice. Besides, what other tune would have given Depp such an opportunity to shred on the guitar, eh?

The video of the whole affair is below:

But that’s not all! (She said in an infomercial tone of voice.) The boys also got together a second time to perform “Kim,” one of the highlights of Adams’ latest self-titled album. And, because this is the internet, there’s video of that encounter that’s also available online for your viewing pleasure right MEOW:

So — anyone else curious to know when Ryan Adams is going to produce a Johnny Depp solo album? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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    Butch Walker posted an instagram photo of Johnny when he was hanging out with Ryan sooooo….