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John Oliver’s Plan to Save Summer Superhero Movies? Meet Johnny Strong

Faster than an Oscar Wilde quip.
More biting than a sarcastic comment on an internet article.
More incredulous than an out-of-towner getting his check at a New York City restaurant.
It’s a host! It’s a comedian! No, it’s Johnny Strong!

Sorry, we’re just trying to get into the spirit of next summer’s newest big-budget superhero—the one Last Week Tonight‘s John Oliver created in the fifth grade: the footy-pajama wearing, bespectacled, yellow-caped Johnny Strong.

In a web exclusive for last night’s show, Oliver introduced his solution to a humdrum summer season of superhero flicks. A new type of hero for people who are growing bored of what Marvel and DC have to offer. His definitely-not-based-on-himself character—who, by day, is known as John Olivier (kids and their creativity)—might just be the lighthearted and fun type of caped crusader we could use in a superhero universe that is growing ever darker, meaner, and more serious.

For a segment that was intended to just be some silly fun, I would watch the crap out of a Johnny Strong show. It has a very Calvin and Hobbes-type feel to it, and if that really is the original art drawn by Oliver himself in the fifth grade, then go with it, because it is great.

And based on the apparent real life issues between Oliver and The Rock, I think we even have a potential first villain for season one.

What do you think of Johnny Strong? Would you watch it? Be our hero and tell us what you think in the comments below.

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Image: HBO

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