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John Oliver Gives Cookie Monster An Identity Crisis

Cookies are cookies, and don’t you dare try to tell our good pal Cookie Monster any different! John Oliver learned first hand that Cookie Monster is very attached to his name and the item he’s named for in this new short from Sesame Street that hit the internet yesterday. Go ahead and enjoy. We’ll wait. We may even have a cookie while we do so.

It would seem that Cookie Monster is planning on hopping across the pond for a visit to the UK and is after some advice from an English-accent sporting John Oliver. Everything is going just fine until Oliver makes the mistake of calling the big blue monster by what any good Anglophile knows would be his English name: Biscuit Monster. Cookie, naturally, immediately notices the difference and spirals towards the panic attack any good monster would have if suddenly his name was changed without his knowledge.

We’re glad to see that Cookie does recover quickly and comes back with a great little joke about something as precious to the English as his cookies are to him: tea. It has taken all these lovely little videos from Sesame Street for this writer to remember all the pun fun that the show has, and now the little jokes are just that much more appreciated.

Let’s all hope that Cookie Monster has a great trip to the UK! Aside from coping with the different name for cookies over there, how do you think he will handle the culture shock? You would think, with all the international Sesame Street puppets and families out there, he’d have travelled more, right?

Image: Hillywood

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  1. JT says:

    Being English myself, let me inform you that he would not be called biscuit monster because he actually does eat chocolate chip ‘cookies’ and not standard biscuits.

  2. zero says:

    Oh yes he does…  over and over…  and if you watch him enough you know how he sounds saying it…  

  3. … But in the UK we have biscuits AND cookies. They’re different things!

  4. Mogen says:

    Oliver drops the f-bomb in there doesn’t he?