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John Malkovich and Robert Rodriguez Made a Movie That You’ll Never See

John Malkovich and Robert Rodriguez recently collaborated on a film called 100 Years. That’s an apt title, since no one will see it until 2115.

100 Years was created as part of a promotion for Louis XIII Cognac, a high end liquor that is aged for one hundred years before it reaches store shelves. You can buy Louis XIII Cognac today that was made in 1915. And in one hundred years, a time-locked safe will be opened and 100 Years will be screened on specially preserved film stock. Louis XIII is reportedly sending metal movie tickets to “1,000 influential people inviting them to invite their descendants to a screening exactly one century from today.”

The invitations had to be for the descendants. Because let’s face it: if you’re reading this post on the day that it was published then you’re not likely to be alive in one hundred years. Barring some unforeseen scientific and medical breakthroughs, that’s not going to change any time soon.

Representatives of Louis XIII apparently reached out to Malkovich and invited him to come up with an idea for the film. But the only thing that has been revealed about 100 Years is that it takes place in the present and it is “emotionally charged.”

“There were several options when the project was first presented of what [the future] would be,” related Malkovich. “An incredibly high tech, beyond computerized version of the world, a post-Chernoybl, back to nature, semi-collapsed civilization and then there was a retro future which was how the future was imagined in science fiction of the 1940s or 50s.”

In addition to the film, Malkovich appeared alongside actress Shuya Chang in three different promos for 100 Years. But none of these three scenes are in the finished movie.

For the first clip, Malkovich and Chang are in a high tech future without much tension.

The second promo adds a little urgency to their journey, as they dodge some laser beams while running towards the vault.

Finally, the third promo places Malkovich and Chang in a future overrun by plants.

Do you think that Malkovich and Rodriguez’s 100 Years will be worth the wait? Share your thoughts below!


HT: io9

Image Credit: Louis XIII

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