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John Boyega Wants to Be a New Kind of Superhero—So He’s Making His Own

John Boyega aims to be the “King of Sci-Fi.” That’s what he told Nerdist when we visited the set of  Pacific Rim Uprising. And with lead roles in both the Pacific Rim sequel and the new Star Wars trilogy, the English ingendude seems well on his way to that stellar title—but that’s just the start. See, Boyega wants to be a superhero of his own making.

His company UpperRoom Productions teamed with Legendary Entertainment to bring this Kaiju and Jaeger-stuff sequel to life, making Boyega both leading man and producer on Pacific Rim Uprising. With the help of his producing partner Femi Oguns, Boyega aspires to write, produce, and star in his own original vehicles. One of which he’s even working on right now.

“One thing about me that people don’t necessarily know is that I love to write,” Boyega said. “I like creating my own worlds and characters, and layering them on top. Especially with the superhero genre. Personally, we feel there’s another way to do it.”

Boyega was happy to confirm he plans to play the super-powered hero at this mysterious movie’s center. “But it won’t be the ones that you’re used to,” he laughed, “I’ll tell you that!” Though tight-lipped about this curious new character, he teased, “We’re leaving he spandex behind, and doing a new version.”

“I’m a visionary as an individual,” he said of his ambition, “Inspired by the George Lucases, the Camerons, by the Spielbergs.” Thanks to the success of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Boyega is channelling his new Hollywood cachet into making the kind of movies he—as a self-proclaimed “fanboy”—wants to see. “It’s the difference between being a teenager, who goes, ‘I wish that movie had that,” he explained, “And being in the room with the people who can make it happen.”

So what bold, new, spandex-free superhero does Boyega have in mind? We’ll have to wait in see. In the meantime, we get to watch this enthusiastic fanboy live the dream in Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Pacific Rim Uprising.

What kind of superhero would you like to see Boyega play? Let us know in the comments below!

Pacific Rim Uprising opens March 23, 2018.

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Images: Legendary
GIFs: Lucasfilm/Disney

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