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Jodie Foster, 5x Braunger, Hockey ‘n’ Hoops: The Week In Podcasts

Great guests, great conversation, great… well, great all around, that was the Nerdist Podcast Network this week. Great, great, great. WE HAVE PROOF:

Jodie Foster hasn’t given a lot of interviews over the years, but she came by the Nerdist Podcast for a really great talk with Chris about career and life. She talked about acting vs. directing, being a child actor and transitioning to her adult career(s), coping, stress, and lots of stuff about her many great films in front of and behind the camera. (Yes, Chris forgot to ask about Contact, but that’s a fine reason to get her to come back for another episode, which we’d love to have happen.) Her new movie Money Monster, with George Clooney and Julia Roberts, ia in theaters now.

Matt Braunger returned to the podcasting arena with not one, not two, not three, not four, but five episodes of Ding Donger with Matt Braunger. He had a lot to cover.

Sydney Esiason — hockey reporter, significant other of the New York (Brooklyn!) Islanders’ Matt Martin, and daughter of quarterback-turned-radio-host-TV-analyst-Ranger-fan Boomer Esiason — visited the guys on Puck Soup for an interview bookended by hockey talk, including the mystery of why Bruce Boudreau took the Minnesota job and the yearly premature playoff departure of the Washington Ovechkins, and Marvel talk, which somehow ties into hockey, because everything does.

The week’s first Jonah Keri Podcast, recorded on Jonah’s trip to Atlanta, was with the fellow Canadian expats (and an Australian, and an American) who make up NBA TV’s The Starters, and naturally the Toronto Raptors came up, from the Vince Carter days to #WeTheNorth Kyle Lowry contenders of today, plus how they developed from the old Basketball Jones podcast to being on your Tee Vee, and more NBA stuff. And Drake, of course. And then, in the Friday episode (available shortly), Jonah talked to even more Canadians, the band Arkells, who talked about their path to success, social media, and the Raptors and Jays, and did a cover of Jonah’s theme, which is, itself, a cover/parody, so we’re talking multi-layered here.

Guests: Rory Scovel back on The Todd Glass Show! Nick Stoller — Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Neighbors (and Neighbors 2), The Muppets (and Muppets Most Wanted), The Carmichael Show, many more — on The Writers Panel! Erin McGathy, she of This Feels Terrible and Harmontown fame, on Love, Alexi! The very funny Eliza Skinner on The JV Club! Comic Adam Wade on You Made It Weird! Safecast’s Sean Bonner bringing a radiation vibe to The Mutant Season! Actress Andrée Vermeulen on Today We Learned! Energetic trainer Anne Nichols on Pro You!

More: Jess and Bowser examined the story about the teen who may have found a lost Mayan city on Bizarre States. Kevin and Steve toured NORAD’s Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Base complex on a defense-minded Chewin’ It. Jackie had a very personal thing happen during her standup set in Burlington, VT — VERY personal — and the laughter flowed, too (sorry), on an unforgettable The Jackie and Laurie Show. Jenna and Bodhi reviewed their Hawaii trip — of course it didn’t go as planned, or at least the aftermath wasn’t ideal — on Kicking and Screaming. The gang spoke of resurrection and more Kinder eggs on Half Hour Happy Hour.

And there should be a new episode of Clonecast sometime Friday. So good. Find it all at the Nerdist Podcast Network homepage and Facebook page, subscribe, bask in the glow. Great.

Contributor: Kyle Clark
Photo: NBC,
The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

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