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Jimmy Kimmel Welcomes Viewers to WESTWORLD…Kanye Westworld!

Even the most ardent fans of Kanye West‘s music would probably admit that the man is prone to making a lot of entertaining statements that don’t always seem to be based in reality. It’s almost as if Kanye exists in his own parallel world that occasionally intersects with our own. Now it’s time to open that world for all to see.

On last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Jimmy Kimmel welcomed fans to Kanye Westworld, his mash up of HBO’s upcoming Westworld reboot and a few choice clips of West. Of course, it took less than a minute for Kanye to declare himself a God, which got the response it deserved from Anthony Hopkins‘ Dr. Robert Ford, and there was a particularly fun bit where Kanye said that he was like “a machine and a robot” while Westworld‘s androids were on screen.

Because the clip keeps Kanye outside of the Westworld theme park, it seemed to present him as one of the creators of this world; there is something fitting about Kanye fueling his Yeezus complex by actually playing God with the lives of the androids who live there. Within the context of the show, it’s hard to say which role fits Kanye best: one of the androids who serves as “hosts” for the visitors, or one of the “guests” who comes to Westworld for their more hedonistic desires. There’s no way to tell here, because the video is over far too quickly! More, please.

Westworld will premiere this Sunday, October 2

What did you think about JKL‘s Kanye Westworld spoof? Is Kanye a guest or a host? Unleash your thoughts in the comment section below!

Image: ABC

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