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Jimmy Kimmel Eats Bacon, Andy Samberg in Hell, and More From the Week of Podcasts

What we had on the Nerdist Podcast Network this week:

He told the bacon story! Jimmy Kimmel came on You Made it Weird with Pete Holmes and referred to my favorite story from the old days at KROQ in Los Angeles, and you need to listen to it so you’ll know what it means to “eat the bacon.” The guys also bond over late night TV experiences, trade Adam Carolla impressions, talk about pranks, Darth Vader, boom jingles, crying (yes, that Letterman eulogy), marriage and divorce, Yelp, and how what seems funny about your early days in retrospect wasn’t at all funny when you were going through it. Don’t miss this one.

Andy Samberg made a return visit to the Nerdist Podcast and caught up with talk about the SNL 40th anniversary show (and the “not as good” attitude people insist on having about the show), confidence and Taylor Swift, watching movies in theaters vs. at home alone, hosting the Emmys (if they do a dance number about Robert Durst, you’ll know where that idea came from), and the Internet controversy cycle. Andy’s in the tennis mockumentary 7 Days in Hell, which premieres Saturday on HBO, and, of course, Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Fox, and, oh, yeah, Andy did update us on the Lonely Island movie.

Anthony Jeselnik entered the madhouse that is The Todd Glass Show, and it’s the usual parade of bits and “edit that out” and stuff, but watch for the suggested joke Anthony gave Riki Lindhome for her appearance on The View (she didn’t use it) and how asking Anthony about the things he’s stolen ends up being all about Todd and his eating candy from a bin in a supermarket.

When he wasn’t talking to Jimmy Kimmel about priests, Pete Holmes was talking to Kumail and Emily about Arkham Knight on a spoiler-filled edition of The Indoor Kids, which also touched upon giving up on Mass Effect, who likes fireworks, and the merits of having an anesthesiologist who knows his Avengers (or not).

Actor Joey Kern was in Super Troopers, so it’s Old Home Week on Chewin’ It with Kevin and Steve, talking about how Joey parlayed his RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art) training into his groundbreaking role as “College Boy 2” in Super Troopers (and many, many more roles). Lemme also talked about the breakdancing ad he was in as a teen, which makes you want to see that thing.

Scott Weinger — the voice of Aladdin, DJ’s boyfriend on Full House, and now a successful TV writer on Black-ish and Galavant — is an old friend of Chris’ back from the days when they were part of Bob Saget’s bar-hopping pack. This week, Scott visited the Nerdist Podcast and, of course, the Full House Netflix reunion series came up. He also talked about acting, Harvard, and learning French. Oui.

Neil Cross is the writer behind the BBC hit Luther with Idris Elba in the title role, and Ben Blacker went all the way to Wellington, New Zealand to interview Neil for Nerdist Writers Panel. We learned about Neil’s whole career and life, starting with his upbringing in Bristol which involved Mormonism and white supremacism and carrying on until today, when he has what he’ll admit is a pretty great situation being able to live in a great area and still write for the U.S. and U.K. markets.

And I know I promised you a hostful in the preview post last Sunday, but we still have that episode with Leo Laporte on the Nerdist Podcast, and it appears at this writing (Friday morning) that you’ll be hearing that one, which, of course, I promised you last week. If you indeed get that one (at the above link when it’s ready), you’ll hear plenty of tech talk, plus Leo getting to cut loose of FCC and FCC-style restrictions and just curse the way real people do, and they talk about trolls and hecklers, Marc Maron with the President, social media, and the future of tech and podcasting.

And there’s more:

Matt Braunger visited Cuba and came back to tell you about it on Ding-Donger.

Old 97’s front man Rhett Miller dropped by The JV Club for another Boys of Summer episode.

Mentalist Max Maven — alliteration R us — talked magic (another M!) with Brent Weinbach, Sara Schaefer, and Derek Hughes on this month’s Hound Tall Discussion Series with Moshe Kasher.

Tom and John offered more motivation and inspiration on Pro You.

Diane Franklin and Amanda Wyss were Monique and Beth, Lane (John Cusack)’s current and former love interests in the Savage Steve Holland 80’s teen comedy cult classic Better Off Dead, and they came to talk about that and pop culture topics of right now on Pop My Culture.

The Legacy Music Hour served up another Free Play episode.

Frank and Sadie went Hollywood on a new “Beyond Belief” Thrilling Adventure Hour.

And Writer/Director Dito Montiel (A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints and the upcoming Boulevard was the guest fact-monger on Today We Learned.

You can hear them all by going to the Nerdist Podcast Network homepage, and you should just subscribe to all of them, because they’re good. Also, check in at the Nerdist Podcast Network Facebook page, too. You know you want to.

Contributor: Kyle Clark
Photo: ABC

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