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Jimmy Fallon’s BREAKING BAD Parody

Last night, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon did its Breaking Bad parody, Joking Bad, with Jimmy getting the bad news — he has six months. (Until The Tonight Show, that is.) In a matter of moments, he’s in his tighty-whities, bald and goateed and up to no good with Steve Higgins as his Jesse. Jokes are his meth, bitch. And the bit includes cameos from Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, and Bob Odenkirk, plus Colin Quinn as a customer and head writer A.D. Miles as the Hank equivalent, hot on Jimmy’s tail. There’s breakfast, “you got me,” Saul, the RV (with the Roots inside providing the smoke), Gus’ unfortunate (and literal) end, everything. And a surprise ending….

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  1. Jon Garcia says:

    Pretty funny… could have done without the laugh track, though.

    Hopefully Jimmy can get a job on Conan’s show by next May.

  2. Jon says:

    Another day another horrible parody. Make me wish for the show to be over already.

  3. Axel says:

    So if the ratings drop once he is on board, will Jimmy be gone and Leno back again?