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Jimkata’s “Wild Ride” Is a Magical Menagerie (Premiere)

“Was it all a dream” is the question Jimkata probably want you to ask yourself after you watch their brand new video for their aptly named track, “Wild Ride,” which features the band dressed in panda costumes, commuting on mopeds and getting into gang fights. Not the typical visuals one associates with peppy electro-rock in the same arena as Yeasayer or Hot Chip, but definitely welcome.

Evan Friedell, Aaron Gorsch, and Packy Lunn are middle school friends who make extremely jubilant pop music, and the track “Wild Ride” sees them doing some of their best songwriting on their new album, In Motion. It lilts and thrums like a track that is destined to soundtrack the apex of weird, excellent party. And if that party features your friends dressed up in the same animal costume as above, all the better.

Shooting this music video was a bit weird, explains Friedell. “In the middle of July, we donned steaming hot Panda costumes–one of which had previously been trashed at a large field party (we called it ‘Dirt Panda’)–staged a fight scene, and our daring friends rode scooters with little to no visibility on city streets and country roads. We weren’t sure how legal it was to ride scooters in animal costumes, so we kept an eye out for cops. The only cop we encountered stopped, looked at us, probably thinking about what the hell he should do, laughed and kept moving along. I mean, how do you radio that in?”

Check out Jimkata’s album here, and be sure to catch them on the road.

Jimkata Tour Dates

Feb 19 — Burlington, VT — Higher Ground
Feb 20 — Albany, NY — The Hollow
Feb 25 — Philadelphia, PA — Milkboy
Feb 26 — Manchester, CT — The Main Pub
Feb 27 — Syracuse, NY — The Westcott Theater
Mar 01 — Richmond, VA — The Camel
Mar 02 — Greenville, NC — Crossbones Tavern
Mar 03 — Live Oak, FL — Aura Music Festival
Mar 05 — Savannah, GA — Barrelhouse South
Mar 17 — Washington, DC — Gypsy Sallys
Mar 18 — Asbury Park, NJ — The Saint
Mar 19 — Hamden, CT — The Outer Space
Mar 24 — Pittsburgh, PA — Club Cafe
Mar 25 — Harrisburg, PA — Abbey Bar
Mar 26 — Buffalo, NY — Iron Works
Apr 01 — Rochester, NY — Flour City Station
Apr 02 — Oneonta, NY — Oneonta Theatre
Apr 07 — Boston, MA — Middle East Upstairs
Apr 08 — Ithaca, NY — The Haunt
Apr 09 — Brooklyn, NY — Rough Trade
Apr 13 — Cleveland, OH — Beachland Tavern
Apr 14 — Columbus, OH — Woodlands Tavern
Apr 15 — Kalamazoo, MI — Shakespeare’s
Apr 16 — Chicago, IL — Tonic Room
Apr 21 — Fort Collins, CO — Hodi’s Half Note
Apr 22 — Denver, CO — Larimer Lounge
Apr 23 — Boulder, CO — The Lazy Dog
Apr 25 — Lawrence, KS — The Bottleneck
Apr 27 — Iowa City, IA — Yacht Club
Apr 28 — Grand Rapids, MI — Founders
Apr 29 — Lansing, MI — The Loft
Apr 30 — Erie, PA — Kings Rook Club

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