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JESSICA JONES’ Fiery New Teaser Trailer is Here

Calling all fans of Marvel’s Jessica Jones; your attention is required. This teaser hints at a dark and edgy tone for the new Netflix series, which we can finally see (all 13 episodes) on November 20!

Think you can wait?! There’s a lot to get excited for with this brand new series. Krysten Ritter (remember her as one of Jesse’s girlfriends in Breaking Bad?) stars as Jones, a former superhero who rebuilds her life as a private investigator after her superhero career comes to a tragic end. The agency will deal with cases involving people with remarkable abilities. Even if you’re not into comics, I think you might find this premise appealing.

Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones is the second of four Netflix series produced with Marvel; the first being Daredevil. The other two; Luke Cage and Iron Fist have not premiered yet.

Curious if the show will resemble Daredevil? On a recent press tour, executive producer and showrunner Melissa Rosenberg stated, “Jones is a very, very different show than Daredevil. We exist in a cinematic universe, and the mythology of the universe is connected, but they look very different, tonally they’re very different. That was my one concern coming in: Am I going to have to fit into Daredevil or what’s come before? And the answer is no.”

And speaking of Jones’ character, Rosenberg stated that she’s “an incredibly flawed, damaged, and interesting character regardless of gender.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m excited for this new series. If her comments and the teaser are anything to go by, it’s gearing up to be a character-driven and eye-popping piece of television.

HT: Twitter/Entertainment Weekly

IMAGE: Marvel Entertainment/Marvel/Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

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