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Jenny Slate’s Marcel the Shell Channels Stevie Nicks

Jenny Slate is a funny, funny person. We all knew this, from her one year on Saturday Night Live to her characters on Kroll Show to playing Mona Lisa Saperstein, aka “The Woooooooooorst.” She’s even proven she can carry an indie film with this year’s Obvious Child, but perhaps her greatest contribution to pop culture (we exaggerate) is as the soft spoken title character from the series of short films co-written and directed by Dean Fleischer-Camp entitled Marcel the Shell with Shoes On, the first of which won awards at film festivals and things.

It seems that Conan O’Brien is also a fan of this character, and of Slate’s vocal performance, because they spent several minutes talking about it during the actress’ appearance on Conan, where Slate unveiled that, on top of motivational messages to herself, she also uses Marcel’s voice to sing covers of famous songs, including the 1975 song “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac. Marcel croons a little bit of the song for an impressed and delighted audience. Listen for yourself!

We demand an album of Marcel the Shell with Shoes On singing famous covers, perhaps even called Marcel the Shell with Shoes On Singing Famous Covers. Even though it’s only a few seconds, it’s already our favorite version of the song since Nicks herself.

And just so you know what we’re talking about, below is the third chapter of the MtSwSO saga, that was released back in October. It’s weird and funny and adorable.

See more of the fabulous Jenny Slate on the FX series Married, and hopefully also in a record store (known as iTunes) near us.

What songs would you like to hear Marcel sing on this album? Let us know below!

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