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Meet Jen Bartel, FANGIRLING’s Amazing Set Art Designer

There’s something magical about Jen Bartel‘s artwork. Like a grown-up Lisa Frank, minus the animals plus the badassery, the Marvel, DC, Archie, and Dark Horse comic artist really knows how to make colorful, diverse, and inclusive work. So when it came time to design the set for season two of Fangirling (Wednesdays on Alpha), our first and only choice for someone to design our set was Jen Bartel. So when she said yes, we promptly lost our gourds.

And once we saw the art? We knew we needed to show it off, a lot, and celebrate Jen and everything she does so well. So we sent Fangirling contributor Courtney Rae Jensen out toe Minnesota to chat with Jen and watch her work—and now we’re sharing it here with you!

Come for the comics, stay for the VERY cute dogs and cat:

Like what you saw there? Interested in more discussions with, by, and about women, where everyone—yes everyone (and yes, even you!)—is invited to nerd out about science and culture, talk about what matters, learn new things, nerd out over history, meet awesome ladies, and feel all your myriad feelings from a decidedly different point of view? Well let me go out on a limb and say that Fangirling is for you! And this season, we’ve got a heaping helping of everything you could want, every Wednesday, starting January 24, on Alpha.

Don’t have an Alpha subscription? Don’t worry, use the promo code “fangirling” to get 2 FREE MONTHS (*whispers* and that amount of free? Has never been done before! Girl power, amirite?)!

Besides, you’re not going to want to miss our fabulous guests, like some of the women of Star Trek: Discovery, Blue Planet II producer Orla Doherty, or our regular segments like “Worst Advice” or “Mansplain It To Me” or the Game of Thrones-centric “Khaleesi Korner”!

So really, you have no excuse. And why would you want to miss this? Tune in starting Wednesday with the code (fangirling) for two free months and get yourself in on the guilt-free fangirlsplosion with the hashtag #FangirlingIsBack. Who says being smart and having a lot of feelings are mutually exclusive?

Alicia Lutes is the Managing Editor, creator/host of Fangirling, and resident Khaleesi of House Nerdist. Find her on Twitter!

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