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Jeff Goldblum Critiquing Jeff Goldblum Tattoos Is Comedy Gold

The many characters Jeff Goldblum has portrayed over the years inspire countless tattoos. Okay, maybe not countless, but the number’s definitely in the hundreds and probably the thousands. We’ll add that question to the next census to get an official number. Anyway, in a new sit-down with GQ (via Boing Boing), Goldblum took a look at 11 different tattoos featuring none other Jeff Goldblum. His reactions are priceless. Priceless, I tell you.

Goldblum’s Jurassic Park character, Dr. Ian Malcolm, is unsurprisingly featured in more than one of these tattoos. In fact, the tattoo featuring Dr. Malcolm sharing pizza with a velociraptor was featured on Nerdist in Inked Wednesday in spring. It belongs to Becky Cousineau and was inked by Tom Beste at Eternal Tattoos. As Goldblum explains, “It’s a whimsical representation of the relationship that I would have with a velociraptor.” Because, obviously, real raptors wouldn’t want to get pizza–unless the pizza tastes like human flesh.

I realize the video is seven minutes long, but I promise you, it is one hundred percent worth sticking around until the end. Goldblum’s clever commentary isn’t only limited to the topic of tattoos; it also includes fashion advice for adult men who like to wear sandals.

Do any of you have Jeff Goldblum tattoos? We want to see them! Leave links to images in the comments or send them to us on Twitter at @nerdist and @amy_geek.

Image: GQ

Amy Ratcliffe is an Associate Editor for Nerdist. She has no Jeff Goldblum tattoos for Jeff Goldblum to critique. Follow her on Twitter.

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