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Jeff Goldblum Handed Out Free Sausages From a Food Truck and We Want One

The greatest news to drop this week—that Jeff Goldblum will be returning for the Jurassic World sequel—is actually the second best bit of Goldblum news to happen this week. The first, of course, was the fact that the ‘blum was handing out free sausages in Sydney, Australia while aboard a food truck named, “Chef Goldblum’s.” How this didn’t make national news on every station is beyond me, because it’s delightful.

Why is this happening and how can we get our hands on Goldblum’s sausages? (That’s not a question, so much as an entry in my bullet journal.) According to Mashable‘s coverage of an interview on radio station Triple M, Goldblum said, “It’s kind of a secret, it’s a mystery that I can’t divulge, but I’m filming something here that has something to do with food. Very soon you’ll know—you may be less surprised than you think.”

He also seemed surprised that people were questioning this random act of sausaging—saying, “Nothing about me is really that big a deal.” We beg to differ Mr. Goldblum, everything you do is a big deal to us.

While Goldblum made references to Thor: Ragnarok and Taika Waititi, the actor didn’t let on as to whether his food truck adventures have anything to do with that particular movie (which also happened to be filmed Down Under). Goldblum said he had nothing to do with creating the food, he was simply the conduit for getting the sausages to his adoring public.

As for why this truck exists—to quote Goldblum’s infamous line as Dr. Ian Malcolm in Jurassic Park—they “were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, that they didn’t stop to think if they should.” In this case the answer is clear, they most definitely should because we all need more Chef Goldblum in our lives.

Do you wish there was a Chef Goldblum food truck in your neighborhood? Let us know in the comments!

Image: Universal Pictures
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