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Jeff Goldblum Has a JURASSIC PARK Flashback in a New Commercial

It’s been just over twenty years since Jeff Goldblum stepped into Jurassic Park‘s first sequel, but he’ll be back again this summer in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. But a post-halftime Super Bowl ad suggested that Goldblum might not be over his experience from the first film. When Goldblum gets behind the wheel of Jeep’s 2018 wrangler, he flashes back to Ian Malcolm’s harrowing chase with a T-Rex. Two decades later, “must go faster” is still the right line for the situation!

Of course, the biggest difference this time is that Goldblum is behind the wheel of the jeep as opposed to watching helplessly as the hungry dinosaur quickly caught up to their vehicle. Since this is a Jeep commercial, Goldblum didn’t waste any time showing off the increased maneuverability of the modern vehicle that simply out paces the T-Rex at will. And because Jeff Goldblum is a national treasure, we suspect that “I just did” will soon become an internet meme.

The reveal at the end is that this has all been in Goldblum’s head, almost like it was a Sherlock mind palace. But it seems to have been a therapeutic experience for Goldblum. Hopefully he won’t be having anymore dinosaur nightmares until he arrives in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom on June 22. At that point, Ian Malcolm may get a chance to have some brand new dino trauma, and won’t that be fun?!

What do you think about Goldblum’s extended Jurassic World day dream? Let us know in the comment section below!

Images: Jeep

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