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Jeez, Benedict Cumberbatch is Impressively Good at Imitating Other Celebrities

Oh Benny Cumberbuns, is there anything you can’t do? Is there anything you CAN do that wouldn’t endear you to the wider Internet masses and your self-described Cumberbabes and Cumberbitches (your recent engagement — mazels, by the way — notwithstanding)? Obviously the answer is no, because a Benedict Cumberbatch has gotta do what a Benedict Cumberbatch has to do, folks. This is just the way of our thoroughly modern world.

While chatting up MTV’s Josh Horowitz about his latest film, The Imitation Game, things took a literal, and literally funny turn when Cumberbatch was asked to imitate 11 celebrities in under a minute. And guess what? Our boy Sherlock over here does pret-ty, pret-ty good. Be it John Malkovich, Alan Rickman, Sean Connery, Jack Nicholson, his buddy Tom Hiddleston, Owen Wilson, Michael Caine, Christopher Walken, Bane from The Dark Knight Rises, Matthew McConaughey, or even Taylor Swift, Bennyboy over here pretty much nails them all.

Oh you charming man. You impressively talented and highly charismatic character — even when the impressions were terrible (it really takes a lot of work and certain skill to do a bad Christopher Walken, we can’t lie), he still managed to make us giggle all the while. Damn it, Cumberbatch.

We’re far from satisfied, though: clearly, if Cumbiet over here really wants to impress us, he’ll do another installment of this video with some far harder impressions. Like, say Christian Bale’s Batman, Sam Smith AND Adele, Harry Potter, David Tennant’s iteration of The Doctor, Martin Freeman, President Barack Obama, and maybe Ellen Degeneres, too — just to make him dance a bit.

What impression would you like to see Benedict do next? Leave ’em in the comments.

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  1. Hogan says:

    Cumberbatch is a great actor. Those were weak impressions preceded by an impressively misleading headline.