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JAWS Meets GODZILLA in This JawsZilla Mashup Trailer


Even after all these years, the jaws on Jaws remain an unsettling sight. The mouth that nearly devoured Amity has been repurposed in JawZilla, a mashup trailer using the audio from Godzilla ’14 with footage from 1975’s Jaws.*

Bryan Cranston’s frantic voiceover from Godzilla‘s first, full-length trailer works quite nicely with the footage, and it shows the common thread in creature features like these (which is to say sneaky higher up-types who’ll let a monster rampage rather than cut into profits).

It’s also my own semi-regular reminder that the shark absolutely roars in Jaws. Really. It’s a strange moment in that otherwise perfect movie and it’ll never stop bugging me that it’s in there.

Anthony Trombetta of the four-man team at The Indie Toolbox is responsible for this project. Mostly, based on the contents of their YouTube channel, they’ve been interviewing actors and filmmakers for the past few months, so this is them dipping a toe into the fan trailer game.

Now if this trailer is a little too serious for you, might I submit this fan trailer from last year, created around the time the last of the casting news was making the rounds. Basically, it’s lighter in tone and brings together footage of the principal cast in what seems like a spiritual successor to Godzilla ’98. But somehow, I mean that in a good way.

*Also, holy crap, next year it’ll be the 40th anniversary of Jaws. Wow.

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  1. 60Hz says:

    …damn that shark still looks good decades later…