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Jason Momoa’s GAME OF THRONES Audition Is All Sorts of Intense

Oh my khal, you guys. Jason Momoa is a serious and seriously impressive beast of a man. He doesn’t mess around and he’s hardly one that we would ever consider quiet and/or meek. So it’s not really a surprise his audition to play Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones was chockablock with intensity. I mean have you seen those arms? And that face? And his very imposing chest practically made for battle wear?

I mean, we’re not saying that terrifying things are always sexy, but I MEEEEAN… Momoa does that whole scary-attractive-man-thing pret-ty pret-ty well. And if you were the very impressive and particularly accomplished leader of a bunch of horse-riding, warrior-nomad types, you’d probably be commanding a presence equal parts authoritative, intimidating, and downright sexual, too.

Just look at that stalking, moody dance-around! Admit it: you’re scared! You’re excited! If you’re a straight man, you’re slightly confused at the fluttering and myriad feelings! If you’re a straight woman you’re probably pretty pleased. And I mean heck, anyone else reading this is likely feeling some sorta way about Momoa. It’s that confidence and swagger, even in the middle of a terrifying wedding day dance-ritual that ultimately ends in several people dying. Because, y’know, it’s the Dothraki way!

He’s going to be one heck of an Aquaman, isn’t he, folks? Some may poo-poo a man whose name is all about water, but they’d be wrong. And also stupid. Because I mean look at him.

Of course maybe we’re wrong — it has been known to happen. What do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

HT: io9

Image: HBO

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  1. Krystal says:

    Jason is a fine looking male specimen! I don’t think he could do Aquaman, as the comic book version is a fair haired and skinned guy.  Maybe he can do the villain though! 

  2. Kerri O'Gara says:

    It’s not a “stalking, moody dance-around” I’m offended for the Maori people. It’s the Haka. A Warriors ceremonial war dance.

  3. Patti Huber says:

    I can’t WAIT to see Jason’s Aquaman! I adore him and yes, he can be very intense… and he’s always sexy. 😉

  4. Charlee says:

    I am from New Zealand this is the Maori Haka for sure, it has minor sounds that are different from his added grunts for the Dothraki effect.  We learn it at school here.

  5. Mat says:

    That’s the Tongan warrior dance, if Biggest Loser is to be believed. Filipe and Sione do that exact dance during their season. 

  6. Jeff says:

    As I failed to say – it’s almost exactly the Maori haka Ka Mate though I think he’s changed a couple of words. Compare it to what the All Blacks do at the start of each matc:

  7. Jeff says:


  8. dozeregg says:

    At first I totally thought it was a Maori Haka. Definitely a good route to go for on an audition for Drogo. He was very well cast.

    • ebony71 says:

      Here is the thing: Momoa is Samoan, so I don’t know how close Samoan war chants are to the Maori Haka. I don’t know enough about Samoan or Maori language to know if it was a combo of the two chants or if the two languages have commonalities. But I definitely recognize some of the language from Maori Hakas.

      • Jared says:

        The Samoan rugby team has it’s own Haka.  He’s probably chanting theirs.

      • hilogirl65 says:

        No, Jason Momoa is Hawaiian. Hawaiians also do our own version of a Haka before battle.

      • SPEEDRAZOR says:

        He’s not Samoan at all. He’s of Hawaiian, German, Irish and Native American descent. Just because his name rhymes with Samoa doesn’t mean that’s where he’s from 😛 

      • Patti Huber says:

        The south Pacific Islanders have a shared origin so the Hakas for each culture are probably very similar… and Jason is half Hawaiian, not Samoan. 😉

    • LucyLawless says:

      ITT: nerds talking about language instead of how fucking HOT he is. I want to lick the sweat off his brow, and then bake him a cake while he pounds me from behind. 

    • sharky says:

      It is a Haka… Maybe not the one the All Blacks use, but it’s a Haka nonetheless

      • Charlee says:

        It is the one the All Blacks use, it’s just because he added grunts, it’s the exact same one.