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Jason Lee Open to MY NAME IS EARL Movie

When we think of some of the best comedies of the last few years, many shows come to mind. 30 Rock, Community, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Modern Family, Parks & Recreation, but one that doesn’t seem to come up nearly as often as it should is My Name is Earl. Created by Greg Garcia, the former NBC series followed the journey of Earl Hickey, a degenerate that receives a message from god – and by god, we mean Carson Daily – about karma, after which he realizes he must use his recent lottery winnings to atone for all the bad deeds he’s committed throughout his life.

Unfortunately, as is the way with television, the series was cancelled before it could wrap-up a major “to be continued” cliffhanger, as well as the main arc of Earl’s list. However, series star Jason Lee isn’t willing to let things die there.

During his recent appearance on the Nerdist podcast with Chris Hardwick, Lee stated he’d be up for a My Name is Earl wrap-up movie that brought the gang back together, and Chris, being the idea man that he is, immediately called listeners to arms with the hashtag campaign #EarlMovie.

After the success of the X-Files campaign that probably helped propel Fox’s announcement of a limited-series event being in the works for the show, we know anything’s possible. In addition, Earl’s producing studio happens to also be 20th Century Fox, which, very recently, successfully revived 24 and Arrested Development. There’s really no reason a series as charming as My Name is Earl couldn’t make a revival work, and if we all yell loud enough, maybe we can make the money men that own the series realize that.

So get to twittering, people! #EarlMovie — make it happen.

Are you up for a revival of My Name is Earl? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. liliana says:

    Bring earl back to life

  2. liliana says:

    Bring earl back to life. We rather see new seasons and earl finishing his list but the movie sounds cool 2

  3. Mai pexton says:

    I love this show It deserves a revival 

  4. Mai pexton says:

    It has to be done . My name is earl is without a doubt the funniest most insightful show’s I have had the pleasure of watching . the prolonged enjoyment is waiting for a revival .Make the movie pleaseMaiLondon. 

  5. Terry says:

    We need more Earl!!!! Lets get this started.  

  6. Collin says:


  7. Jessie w says:

    I would absolutely love to see a my name is earl movie, it was hands down my favorite tv show of all time, to this day I will not watch any nbc programs because of them canceling it. Although it would be even more awesome if they continued the show with a whole new season on netflix. Either way I’m going to finally make a Twitter account just so I can support this. #earlmovie, it’s been too long. 

  8. Wesley says:


  9. GMAN13 says:

    NO! Just bring back the weekly show. Like they did with Arrested Development on Netflix. If NBC doesn’t want it, they should sell it or give it away. I agreed with Burt Chance on Raising Hope when he met the NBC Exec. You shouldn’t have cancelled EARL!

  10. princess poot says:


  11. Alex says:

    Love This show…. needs an ending, or to be brought back!

  12. Johnathan says:

    YES! Someone start a Kickstarter campaign. Just like how they got the Veronica Mars movie made.

  13. allyson says:

    Yes please…!!!

  14. Jeffrey schools says:

    I really want the My Name is Earl wrap up movie to happen BAD one of my favorite shows ever!! #EarlMovie

  15. Arielle says:


  16. Mark says:

    I will have to say, the best Leno was when Jason came on about midway through the first season of “EARL” with much success and fan fair. He was touted as ‘saving the network’. i don’t know about that, but he was clearly pumped about the interest in the show. 

  17. Mark says:

    I would see this movie, but I’m betting a ‘Better Call Saul’ film would beat it to the box office.

  18. Kara says:

    Absolutely! I hate watching the last episode because of the friggin’ cliffhanger! We need more EARL

  19. Rhyle says:

    This…must happen. Soon.