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Japanese Candy Kit Makes Giant Squid Gummies

The more we look for them, the monsters, the less we find. Sasquatch isn’t wandering around North American forests being blurry, the Chupacabra isn’t sucking goat blood in Puerto Rico. The kraken, however, is very real. We only recently got the first-ever footage of a live giant squid, and the creature is indeed monstrous. One way to make it less terrifying? Turn it into candy.

This delectable cephalopod kit is definitely one of the best ways to eat squid. The kit, called “Sakana-Kun deepwater fish Research Institute, giant squid and friends,” is available on Amazon for rather odd price of $30.31.

The decidedly Japanese product has some pictures on how each squid is made, but there’s not much detail beyond that.

From what we can tell, it involves a few molds and some sort of futuristic pitcher that result in a few — we assume edible — undersea creatures.

Though there’s not much information we can glean from the imagery on packaging, Japan Trend Shop explains the process involves chilling the molds and mixing few simple ingredients (water, powdered gelatin, and a syrup of your choice) to create the giant squid, flapjack octopus, and blobfish treats.

We’re pleased as punch that “dessert calamari” is now a culinary possibility and that there’s finally competition for the giant gummy bear market.

What do you think of this DIY candy Squiddly Diddly? Can someone confirm for us that it’s food? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

Images: Takara Tomy

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