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Here’s a tweet and a photo from Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn featuring a Sakaaran spacecraft and soldier. The Sakaaran’s are the heavies in 2006’s Planet Hulk comic book storyline, the Hulk-meets-Gladiator event that saw the Hulk kicking butt and taking names on the opposite end of the galaxy. Marvel and its talent continue to insist that there will be no Planet Hulk movie.




Gunn posted the image above the afternoon as many of us wonder what’s next for the Hulk post-Avengers (see also: yesterday’s Nerdist News). Ang Lee’s Hulk sidelined the character for a few years before The Incredible Hulk, a soft reboot starring Ed Norton linked old Purple Pants to the Avengers thanks to a handy Nick Fury cameo.

The red-skinned Sakaarans rule over the planet Sakaar, where Hulk lands in Planet Hulk, forcing the exiled Avenger to participate in gladiator matches alongside a mismatched collection of alien outcasts and criminals. Hulk and his crew kill anything that comes their way, ultimately deposing the mad Sakaaran emperor and installing himself as HHIC.

This could honestly be a nice tip of the hat to Planet Hulk, or Guardians could be just the way that Marvel plans to link their cosmic characters with the Avengers back on Earth. Hitfix proposed as much earlier this week, suggesting that Guardians of the Galaxy 2 featuring the Planet Hulk storyline might be a thing spinning out of the events of Age of Ultron.

What would you like to see — a standalone Hulk movie or a Planet Hulk tie-in for a potential Phase III Guardians sequel? Let us know in the comments below.

HT: James Gunn via Geek Tyrant

Craving even more Hulk speculation? Check out yesterday’s episode of Nerdist News!


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  1. A.K. says:

    The cameo was Tony Stark in Incredible Hulk, further illustrated in the Marvel One-Shot “the Consultant”. Not Nick Fury.

  2. David Braden says:

    I posted this a few days ago on another site…Ok, I don’t think Planet Hulk is the way to go just yet. I think Ruffalo needs a stand alone Hulk film in between Avengers 2 and 3, maybe a cameo by Stark in a few scenes. Then take a few liberties and in Avengers 3 have Hulk and Thanos do an epic battle spreading continents causing major damage and destruction and even massive deaths. They defeat Thanos and Hulk is put in a coma like state due to the intense battle. Post credit scene: Hulk wakes in a shuttle in space headed no where, he rages out and causes the shuttle to change course. BOOM planet Hulk set up.

    • Nate says:

      BOOM… No. 
      Although that does sound like something Zack Snyder would love to do with his destruction porn Superman movies. 

  3. WhatsAName says:

    “Sakaaran were chosen because we don’t own Badoon. I had to choose something, honest. The choice had nothing to do with any future plans.” – James Gunn in the comments section of the same picture. While Planet Hulk would be cool to see live action, Banner and Hulk need a bit more of a build up first; and I doubt Avengers 2 will be focused on him enough for it.

  4. franco_adam says:

    Then this would rock if it links to a World War Hulk because that was the best Hulk story.

  5. Supreme Power says:

    Nick Fury wasn’t on INCREDIBLE HULK  (with the exception of his name flashing in the opening credits).Tony Stark was.

  6. Grant Little says:

    The Incredible Hulk, a soft reboot starring Ed Norton linked old Purple Pants to the Avengers thanks to a handy Tony Stark cameo.