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Episode 026: James Bonding
A View To Kill LIVE with How Did This Get Made

James Bonding #026: A View To A Kill LIVE with How Did This Get Made

In a very special podcast crossover event, Bond experts Matt Gourley and Matt Mira join Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael, and Jason Mantzoukas of How Did This Get Made? to figure out if A View To a Kill is the worst Bond movie of all time.

Recorded LIVE at Largo in Los Angeles, they cover how Bond invents snowboarding, the most French man in the world, Tanya Roberts’ stunt double being a grizzly old man, the multiple blimps, race horses, the robot dog, and of course, the butterflies. Plus, Gourley and June’s wigdar shines during audience Q&A, and we hear from the person who reviews A View To a Kill every year in another edition of 2nd Opinions!

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  1. I love how much time was spent on the damn butterflies. Can’t believe this show is free. Thank you for the free funny. Please continue after you have done all the movies, and please make a Goldfinger Redux episode. The most defining Bond movie and the guests kinda ruined it for a lot of us. I agree that we shouldn’t just have crazy fan boy talk but the entire show??? 

  2. Hank says:

    I just discovered the podcast last week and am loving it–the Broccolis have controlled so much of the dialogue about these films for so long that you have no idea how refreshing it is to hear fresh takes on them. But the reason I’m suddenly compelled to comment is because I’m about eighteen minutes into Episode #11 (“Mission Briefing”) and one of the Matts just confessed that his favorite Bond girl is also my favorite Bond girl–Lynn-Holly Johnson. It is so great to finally hear that I’m not alone on this, and I now feel so much less skeevy. Anyway, I’m looking forward to hearing the “Octopussy” episode someday soon–it was the first 007 I saw in the theater–and a much better film when seen that way (widescreen with 5.1 surround).

  3. levelledUp says:

    The James Bonding podcast is suddenly getting serious traction in itunes top lists. Is it because of this collab episode or something else? Did someone famous draw attention to the podcast?

  4. Jack little says:

    While I’m sure you know about him. Why have you never talked about Christopher lee working as a member of the special forces, that ian Fleming and one of bonds real life inspirations worked for in wwii.

  5. melkor says:

    not related to AVTAK, but apropos, and article about Idris Elba as Bond I just stumbled across:

  6. mimsey says:

    AMAZING!  This is definitely one of the better episodes.  Letting HDTGM host the podcast did wonders.  See, Matts?  How having only 2 or 3 short clips can actually make the show flow well?  And how not having a lot of clips actually forces a discussion?  On an audio podcast? 

  7. Clinton says:

    Hi guys. I love this podcast. Made me remember how much I love 007 all over again. 
    Two thoughts: Drew (Hitfix) as a guest (brilliant Bond guy– did a whole series or articles) and a general pop culture influence episode. (Everyone from Mel Brooks to Sergio Leone!) 
    One last thing– the whole story of that Neil Connery movie would be something. (And I hope you do Never Say Never Again in your series).

  8. John says:

    I lack the words to express how much I enjoyed this.  It was possibly as beautiful and precious as a French le papillon dinner theatre? Mobile? Show?
    The Matt’s do such a great job of not taking things too seriously.

  9. joe says:

    You guys RUINED this episode of HDTGM. You were always talking on top of the hosts. At one point a question was directed to June and Matt jumped in while she was starting to answer. Cool your jets dudes….Take some acting classes and work on your timing. Take some life lessons and become a human being.

    • Clayton says:

      While I found out later that HDTGM has be out longer I had never listened to it. As a avid James Bonding fan this episode felt like one of those “pilots” where an established show dedicates an entire episode to characters that are totally new. The truth ends up being that that episode is a pilot for a new show hidden in the old one.
      I did give HDTGM a chance and have come to the conclusion that the question should be “How much did I pay attention to this film”
      I listened to “The Last Airbender”, a film that is not very good. Of course the criticisms of it in the podcast were things that were explained if one paid attention or just opened their eyes.

    • John says:

      Francis.  Lighten.  Up.

  10. Arabrabbra says:

    Excited for this!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE HDTGM!!! And the Matts of course! I just introduced my 12 daughter to James Bond. She is addicted. Only to the new ones. I don’t own the old ones…

  11. Wildride says:

    Unofficial alternate theme song:
    (In that I made a music video for this song out of mostly the skiing scenes back in the VHS days)

  12. Withheld to avoid humiliation says:

    I am a fan of AVTAK, it was my first Bond Movie. I bough the Special Edition vhs box set in 1995 for it, the DVD version, the 2 disc Dvd Ultimate Edition, the Blu Ray, and even The Japanese version of the Soundtrack Cd. 
    I feel I share Goreley’s love of the movie (while acknowledging how bad it is at the same time). However, I laughed alot at the HDTGM. They made great points I wouldn’t have thought of looking at the movie from an outsider’s perspective. 
    I know your time is precious and you have yet to do 2 episodes of the same movie, but I feel I missed out on Matt and Matt’s unique point of views on things skipped over. Any chance JamesBonding fans can get a maybe 1 hour or less take 2 on this movie with either 1 guest or no guest to make sure you dominate the mics like Zorin wanted to end the domination of sillicon valley? If not, I enjoyed the episode and will settle for it as i have settled for years of non acknowledgement of the great parts of the movie i have loved since i was 6.

    • Paging Mr. Fleming says:

      I have to second the request for some extra-special extra JamesBonding love and attention where this movie is concerned. Not because it’s my favorite or anything, but because I’m dying to know what Ian Fleming would make of all the criticism.

    • English Dave says:

      I have to agree also. While it was entertaining there were times when it seemed that the only point was to mock, and the two Matts weren’t really given a chance to defend the film; especially Matt G who we could practically sense was bristling in the background. Plus there was a distinct whiff of ageism at the beginning which, albeit light-hearted in intent, left a slightly bitter taste in the mouth. A bonus podcast with Matt & Matt discussing the film’s merits and flaws in-depth would be great.

      • Hank says:

        I have to agree as well. I’m not particularly interested in hearing a show which ostensibly exists for the purpose of mocking the work of others (deserved or not) and although these guys may have made some good points, screaming those good points at the top of their lungs didn’t accomplish much.
        I have mixed feelings about AVTAK, but I do think that the John Glen is my favorite of the old-school Bond directors, particularly his direction of action/stunt sequences, and while the premise of scenes such as the firetruck chase were sort of ridiculous, the chase itself is a lot of fun to watch. I didn’t mind the show with the women who didn’t like Goldfinger, in that they had a point of view considerably more thoughtful than screaming “THIS IS FUCKING STUPID AND IT SUCKS”, and that they were willing to engage in an actual dialogue about the film. This particular podcast, however, wore me out.

  13. English Dave says:

    Oh, Matt M…that wasn’t the Prime Minister in the debriefing scene that was the Defence Minister. Come on now!

  14. Vince says:

    Oh man; this was an amazing surprise! Saw this on Earwolf and was like, “NO WAY!”. 
    This was loaded with amazing quality you guys; all the t-shirt ideas, and all the great lines. From, “Fuck Sub Talk” to, “And I was looking for nips”. The audience Q & A and the Amazon 5-star reviews were choice! You had tons of voices talking over themselves and it was still awesome! 
    All the overlapping voices just means that I can re-listen to this a lot 😀 
    “You could watch… some of the scenes… if you wanted” — best recommendation ever! Wonderful! 

  15. Sheila says:

    Fantastic episode! I love it when everyone gets excited and talks over each other!

    • Eric says:

      Funny. I hate the talking over each other. It’s so rude and disrespectful. It’s literally saying “What I’m saying is more important and funnier than the sentence you’re currently halfway through.” But other than this episode I love the podcast.

      • Clayton says:

        I will also put myself in the boat of not liking the talking over each other (as well as the relying on listening to passages of the film).
        It is an audio podcast and as such when two people are talking over each other it is like no one is talking.