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Episode 025: James Bonding
Mission Briefing SPECTRE

James Bonding #025: Mission Briefing SPECTRE

Matt and Matt saw the Bond Signal in the sky and answered it. They break down EVERYTHING about the James Bond 24 press conference… even which side of the stage people are standing on!

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  1. Ufotofu9 says:

    I come to you from my present and your future.
    Looking at the IMDB cast list, nobody is named Blofeld, but Christof Waltz is named “Oberhauser.” Since that’s not a name, and he is arguably the second most famous actor in the movie, then by movie logic he is the main Villain. 
    As for Andrew Scott as Denbigh, adding a famous  actor to Whitehall is screaming TURNCOAT!

  2. Paul says:

    SPECTRE : The Phantom Menace

  3. Chris says:

    Really love the intro music!!

  4. MIke Brivel says:

    I watched the press release from the daily mail site. There was a good reception from the crowd, must be stage mics only in the release you guys watched.

  5. Vince says:

    Wonderful! I knew I could count on Matt & Matt to cover this barely-news to most people. 
    Also, the bonus little bits of Star Wars talk? Great. “The Force Awakens… the Force had a bad dream and can’t go to sleep anymore… the Force sleeps in and misses work… the Force’s wife leave The Force because he lost his job”, lol. Just so pointless and entertaining at the very end there, you guys. 
    Thanks for the fun Saturday listen! 

  6. English Dave says:

    “SPECTARR…?!”  I haven’t stopped laughing, thank you guys.

  7. Doddy Bigital says:

    Yunno what they should do?

    Christoph Waltz SHOULD be Oberhauser, but when James reconnects with him for the first time since childhood, Oberhauser has just found out that he has cancer. He’s about to start chemotherapy… something something something… secrets about the death of James’ parents… and as it happens, Oberhauser is Blofeld.

  8. Nick says:

    Thanks for doing this; I really wanted to hear what your takes would be on the news. Here are some of my thoughts:
    – I think the title is a little too ham-handed, or to use another carnivorous metaphor, it’s an obvious piece of red meat thrown to longtime Bond fans. Yes, we’re all happy to have SPECTRE and Blofeld back in the movies, but the title should do more than just announce that fact. (Besides, there are a zillion clever plays on words they could have done
    – I’m torn on the “Should QUANTUM be a part of SPECTRE” issue. Mainly I’m annoyed because I think the producers shot themselves in the foot by already having introduced a SPECTRE-like organization into the series, presumably at a time when they didn’t know that they’d be able to use the real thing later on. Having QUANTUM be a branch of SPECTRE feels silly; if QUANTUM was supposed to be this massive worldwide organization, how much bigger could SPECTRE possibly be? But it also seems odd to have two massive criminal empires existing independently of each other. Maybe the best solution is to just erase Quantum of Solace from existence.
    – It would be awesome if Monica Bellucci is the main love interest in the film, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Daniel Craig lobbied to get Bond a more age-appropriate companion. (It would also be awesome if she’s Blofeld, and there’s no reason they have to make that some kind of twisty reveal — which I agree is lame and trite at this point — it could just be announced right up front.)
    – I sure hope Denby isn’t a SPECTRE operative embedded inside MI6, because Jesus Christ, haven’t we done that kind of thing enough in the Craig movies?
    – Christoph Waltz is almost too-perfect casting for a Bond villain, especially Blofeld, and all I can say is I hope he takes the role more seriously than Javier Bardem did. 

  9. Clayton says:

    On the inclusion of Quantum in SPECTRE. I wrote the following on an IMDB board about a month ago before we knew the title of Bond 24. This was my reaction to someone saying that Quantum should be a part of SPECTRE:
    It would make more sense for SPECTRE to be a division of Quantum than the other way around. Quantum has a bigger reach that SPECTRE. SPECTRE basically does 4 things: Counter Intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion. Quantum is involved in a lot more than that.

    Here is how I would love to see it happen:

    Quantum, up until this point, had been successful at hiding because they did not have an organization such as SPECTRE. The people in Quantum would be assigned a goal that they would have to reach on their own.  They would hire people on their own instead of taking them from the ranks. This would mean there would be no ties between groups and hence no ties to other members of Quantum.

    After having two failures at the hands of Bond and the British, Quantum decided they need to specialize. One of those failures, Dominic Greene’s failure in Quantum of Solace, showed they need specialists in areas such as Counter Intelligence and Extortion.  The other failure, le Chifre’s in Casino Royale, shows they need to be better at keeping people in line.

    With those failures Quantum changes plans and creates an organization to handle the dirty work. This becomes SPECTRE and Blofeld is made the leader.

    If I had my wish come true, I would have Craig’s Bond going against SPECTRE and Quantum in Bond 24 and 25 and then they convince him to do Bond 26 where Blofeld and SPECTRE try to take over Quantum and succeed but Bond gets Mr. White.

    The new actor playing Bond can go up against SPECTRE as usual.


  10. ESB says:

    Love the show. Two episodes in as many days. Great times.
    I think for their service to Bond,  the two Matts deserve cameos in Spectre. Perhaps as a latter day Mr Wint and Mr Kidd.

  11. Tristan G. says:

    I love this fucking podcast. Keep it up Matt and Matt! 

  12. BW says:

    I hope they bring back Mike Brivel.

  13. J. says:

    OMG yes, I’m satisfied! You guys are talking about it. I feel complete now. Thanks, Matts! I love your show and love your work.