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Episode 019: James Bonding
LICENSE TO KILL with Amanda …

James Bonding #019: LICENSE TO KILL with Amanda Lund and Maria Blasucci

Amanda Lund and Maria Blasucci return to discuss License to Kill with the Matts!

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  1. Doddy Bigital says:

    Man, I love this movie. Despite its weird execution and tone, I actually think it has a great plot; it was kinda the first time James went seriously seriously rogue, which is exciting, and the whole thing of stealing the plane then using the money to frame the Wavekrest guy and sneaking back into the room to gain Sanchez’s trust is the BEST.

    Plus, lots of great laughable stuff. Awkwardly bloody… the way Sanchez’s girlfriend suddenly and randomly says she loves James… “Honeymooooon…” Hilarious.

  2. John Larkin says:

    Miss the “MATT AND MATT MATT AND MATT MATT AND MATT,..  Frienship Bonding… Bonding Friendship”  Faux Ahhhhhh capela opening to the Bond Theme.

  3. Jeff says:

    Way off on this one. Yes, there are derivative scenes, just like in any other James Bond movie… but you can’t watch ROADHOUSE and see Patrick Swayze bust up a million-dollar drug transaction, beat the crap out of five scuba divers sent in the water to get him, spear a plane with his spear gun to escape, water-ski on bare feet to catch the plane as it takes off, kill the pilot and co-pilot, buzz the bad guys and dump a corpse in the water in front of them, then fly away with all the money. That’s more action and creativity in three minutes than in five Chuck Norris movies. That’s why even the worst Bond movie is awesome compared to any other action film. If you rate ANY Bond movie under 7, you’re nuts.

  4. Mimsey says:

    *sigh* Looks like the “Live and Let Die” episode was a fluke. They’re back to just constantly playing scenes from the movie again. Someone please tie Mira’s hands before the episode starts so they actually talk about the movie rather than make us listen to them watch it. Mira interrupts good and potentially funny conversation points just so he can play clips.

  5. Jazz says: When/if you guys take a look at James Bond video games, you guys should try to hunt down a copy of this game. GameInformer recently played a bit of “From Russia with Love” for their weekly Youtube show, and tossed in a bit of a Genesis Bond game that I never heard of before (which is saying something, because I know about, “James Bond 007: The Stealth Affair”, for the Amiga, from 1990). 
    It’s called, “James Bond: The Duel” and is… well, kind of interesting looking for an old game like that. I never heard of it before. Just thought you guys might like seeing a video of this (these) Bond game(s) in action 🙂

  6. Spree says:

    Oh, sorry, you just did. Greatly appreciated and looking forward to it! Big THX in advance!

  7. Spree says:

    Don’t wanna be a painn in the a**, but could you just let the fans know when approx. you’ll be going on? I really miss the show. 🙁

  8. K says:

    I love the episodes with Amanda and Maria!

  9. Miha says:

    Woo, just listened to this today and was over the moon that you guys read my email, thank you!! Props to Matt for pronouncing my last name correctly, few native English speakers can pull it off.

    But in any case, this was another great episode. Looking forward to what you’ll have to say about the Man with the Golden Gun. Not one of the greats, but more than enough silly camp, which should make for a good episode.

  10. Paul says:

    Not to be a jerk but it’s Magic 107.7… That reference just made me happy that I grew up on Cool 105.9

  11. I agree with the Matts and the girls this movie is just a mess. but this episode was so much fun. please bring them back for future eps and redos so they can keep looking for faces!

  12. Todd says:

    I liked the girls. They’re great. And I’d love to see a whole episode done OVER the movie. Like a James Bonding Riff Trax!

  13. English Dave says:

    I have only just discovered these podcasts and I am enjoying them immensely, although to be truthful I’ve been avoiding the ones that seem overtly negative (which are luckily very few). The sign of a great podcast is when as a listener you’re just longing to be part of the conversation.

    I do like Dalton as Bond – TLD was my first Bond film at the cinema and it’s one of my favourites – but I have many problems with LTK. Tonally it’s very uneven, and there’s something very muted and stilted going on. I understand why they wanted to toughen up but I feel they went too far with the brutality. There are still things to enjoy – the stuff with Q is great and the truck-climax is amazing – but I see it as a noble failure.

    Keep up the good work, guys. I am so looking forward to your appreciation of the Moore classics.

  14. catobleman says:

    What! Who doesn’t like the clips? They are literally my favorite part of the whole format! I listen to another podcast about Star Wars where they talk about specific moments, but without clips it makes it much harder to follow. Clips! They’re super helpful and really put your comments in perspective. Please don’t stop with the clips.

  15. Ainsley says:

    In a delightful twist of fate and scheduling,
    ITV, (Historically the commercial channel mirror of BBC in the UK, so has been one of the main 5 terrestrial channels in the UK) has been showing a Bond season and this sunday i happened upon ‘Licence to Kill’ the second ‘c’ being the uk spelling.
    So I gave it a watch. It is a rambling tale that has no main train to ride but that aside i do like elements of it a lot. I was disappointed at the time as i loved Living daylights and loved Dalton as he was the perfect reaction to the Roger Moore years. This time around i saw that Robert Davi was a great villain and put in a good performance. I also liked both the Bond girls and Carey Lowell is right up there for me as one of my favourites, stunning. Loved the random fork lift truck murder working as an escape route, who came up with that. If not for the Podcast, i probably would not have watched it, fun time with a Bad but enjoyable Bond.

  16. Spree says:

    Once again, great episode, you guys. CR and LTK really are my favourite episodes of the show, so please bring back Amanda and Maria whenever you can! You have a really great chemistry with them and although they criticize the movies (which is their job here, after all), they still watch it concentrated enough to see faces (even on planes) and notice the Bouvier/Kennedy-joke.
    That brings me to Allie and Georgia: as much as I appreciate an own opinion (which may be negative) and the (let’s be honest, often fair) criticism of the female roles in the movies, it is very much revealing that one of them didn’t even have the decency to finish watching Casino Royale, which is absolutely unfrgivable, when you want to criticize the women in the series. So please spare us this shallow “poo-pooing” (copied from above) by those two.

  17. rockpapernukeitfromorbit says:

    Sorry. I’m really, really sorry I doubted you. When you didn’t call for so long I just became a mess, and when you brought ‘those women’ again to our party I just couldn’t take it anymore. But now, knowing how insanely busy you’ve been (stress-induced mistakes are forgivable), your welcome return has all but filled that hole in my heart. Thank you…

  18. Louis says:

    I was first exposed to Connery and Moore but Dalton is my no. 1 Bond. His shining moment in LTK is his coldblooded execution of Killifer. He had a nice one-two combo and it’s just a shame he didn’t come back for a triple.

    LTK is a very different kind of Bond film that still beats w/ the formula: two girls, exotic locales, Q and Moneypenny, the big bad and his gremlin. I still don’t get the dislike for LTK being so influenced by (media of) the times, not unlike other Bond films w/ Blaxploitation, Star Wars, Jason Bourne, or self-cannibalizing Bond. Give me my ninjas, my pastels, my fingertip-licking cocaine! Speaking of the 80’s references, is it just me or did Sanchez’s financial adviser seem a bit Michael J. Fox-ish?

    But one of LTK’s greatest elements is its bad guy, who breaks from the familiar megalomaniacal would-be global despot and gives the most interesting villain since Red Grant. You can see the gears turning in Sanchez’s head, acknowledge his twisted code, and see him get his hands dirty alongside his peeps. Compared to SPECTRE, his business is modestly lucrative but its corruption all too extensive and grave.

    I was disappointed by Amanda and Maria’s low appraisal but, as before, they were the perfect anti-venom to Aliedae Georgianus.

  19. Jeff says:

    Loved loved LOVED this episode! The dinner story was fantastic and a lot of this episode had me literally laughing out loud. Amanda & Maria were great fun to listen to and unlike those other ladies who won’t be mentioned, they voiced their concerns without poo-pooing all over the entire character and franchise which was a nice change from last episode even though I think those two’s concerns (most of them anyway) were valid. Anyways, back on point, can’t wait for you guys to tackle the Moore years. Brosnan was my Bond, the one I grew up with thanks to GoldenEye 007 for the N64 but Moore was always a very close second. Thanks for the laughs and free entertainment.

  20. Justin says:

    Is there any indication that they’re going to get Dan Harmon on one of these? I remember them saying he was a guest at Gourley’s 40th birthday, and he was incredibly engaging on the Jack Frost episode of How Did This Get Made.

  21. LevelledUp says:

    Finally. Good guests to bring back.They could be your default guests if you have trouble getting others?

    I hope you do one with Joanna Robinson. Matt M. appeared on her GoT podcast recently and they had good podcast-chemistry. I’m sure she’d do a James Bonding if you asked her.

  22. CN says:

    Bloody Hell!
    You blokes missed an excelliant oppourtunitey to give that ould salty chap Ian Flemming a ring on the telly and bend his ear aboute his BINETLEY, don’t you see?! Tally’ho and whatnot.

  23. Joshua Bryan Hammack says:

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much. I love Dalton. Wish he got to do at least one more. I preferred Living Daylights to this one, but I would also subjectively give this movie a 7.5. (Of course I have not seen it in years.) I am not looking forward to Moore’s Bond. I hated that tone.

  24. Edward Gundrum says:

    Thank you so much for bringing back Amanda and Maria. Good Bond movie or bad Bond movie, they make it so much fun to listen.

  25. AJ Valliant says:

    Amanda and Maria could be permanent co-hosts and I would have no issue (as long as PFT can still come on occasionally). Delightful people and great chemistry with each other and the Matts.

  26. Ben says:

    I would love to have Amanda and Maria guest-host an episode with Alie and Georgia.

  27. Andy says:

    Did they say that? I think they were saying he was the second person in a Bond movie to be inflated to death.

  28. Wildride says:

    Hang on — You’re saying Anthony Zerbe was in two movies where he was inflated to death?!? WTF?

    • Clayton says:

      No, they were saying that this is the second Bond movie in which a guy was inflated to death.

  29. Ben says:

    Great episode! About the Bentley – why doesn’t Matt Mira just ask Ian Fleming about it next time he sees him?

  30. Rai says:

    I’d be happy with another run of the podcast that was just Doug Benson and PFT alternating every episode.

  31. Andy says:

    Fantastic epsiode! So happy you guys are back 😀 And I am 100% in love with Justin’s idea. It’d be great to hear you guys talk about the movies again with different guests! I love Bond, and Bonding.

    Also if you didn’t want Ghost Ghirls after Amanda and Maria’s first appearance, do it. Its so funny.

  32. Justin says:

    Seeing Amanda and Maria’s names on this episode made my day. I’d happily listen to a second season of James Bonding that’s just them rehashing the rest of the 21 movies with M&M again.

    And a third season with just Paul F. Tompkins and a fourth with the two Bens.

  33. Rick K says:

    This was wonderful! Excellent show guys! Now I’m going to watch Man With the Golden Gun in anticipation of this episode.

  34. Eric says:

    So did this movie give it’s name to an Archer character? Pam Bouvier = Pam Poovey?

  35. Spuzaw says:

    Amanda & Maria are the best! Also, I like the movie clips.

  36. Lawrence says:

    One of the guys at the Now Playing Podcast reviewing this movie called it right when he said the Felix Leiter of this movie reminded him of Regis Philbin.

  37. Ainsley says:

    Great, loved it. Now my problem is i am a big fan and defender of Alie, and Georgia but then you follow up with Amanda and Maria every time and i then re-think my stance. So much more fun and they did not like this film but decided not to dismiss people who might.

    Disappointed that there was no mention of the machine gun ‘pa-tings’ making the Bond theme during the truck chase.

  38. Pan of Steel says:

    Fantastic episode! Amanda & Maria once again make delightful guests – they’re like a lovely lemon sorbet to cleanse the palette after Georgia & Alie’s poo lasagne.

    Outstanding stuff, guys!

  39. Three Toes of Fury says:

    Woot! So glad to have our stedfast heroes Matt n Matt back.

    I just got to Gourley’s dinner “date” story and am blown freaking rocks!!

    Thanks Matt, Matt, Amanda, n Maria for another wonderful podcast on all things Bond.

    Peace & the Songs of Sinatra Sung by Bond Villans

    Fury….Three Toes of Fury.

  40. Admiral Kent says:

    ’89 was also the height of my Bond fervor…and, man, did this movie disappoint me! Although Dalton is one of my favorite Bonds, it took me a long time to (luke) warm up to LTK. The Living Daylights was so good and felt epic…In comparison, this one just felt cheesy and cheap. It came off like a Bond TV movie to nineteen year old me. Plus Dalton looked really disheveled throughout. In retrospect I think they were trying to go for a modern Dr. No and weren’t successful. ..Although I loved how Bond infiltrates Sanchez’s operation and totally fucks with him.

    Interesting that both this and Quantum of Solace were produced during a writers strike…I always felt QoS was a loose remake of LTK. History sort of repeated itself since Living Daylights was the Casino Royale if its time.

    Gourley nailed it, though: Way too American! Most of the Bond flicks that take place in America falter.

    I like the clips…but who keeps sniffing during recording?