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Episode 018: James Bonding
James WonderConing

James Bonding #018: James WonderConing

It’s a live James Bonding from WonderCon with guests Jordan Morris, Alie Ward, and Georgia Hardstark!

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  1. Love this show! But those girls were so annoying. It was so  obvious that they hadn’t paid attention to the movie at all (even the half they watched). I loved that Matt didn’t take their BS this time around and let them suffer a little bit 😉 Annoying but so funny. Actually had to listen to this one more than once cause it is fun to listen to people digging a hole “live”

  2. Doddy Bigital says:

    YIKES. After the Goldfinger episode, I just thought Allie was programmed by trendy prefab feminism, but after this I realize she’s just generally fucked up about men.

  3. What a remarkably awful podcast.  Dear God.  

  4. Chum Lee says:

    Tip of the cap to Matt for trying to rehabilitate the image of Allie & Georgia.  You’re a gentleman.  It didn’t work but you tried.  I will admit that one of them expressed regret that they didn’t like Bond.  I think she gave the example of not liking tomatoes and somebody trying to get her to eat tomatoes.  Fair enough.  
    Please no more – plenty of guests out there to hang with.

  5. Chris says:

    don’t agree with them of course (except on her assertions on Craig,finally a female who doesn’t find him attractive) but thought they were pretty entertaining. and Ian Fleeming is always welcome!

  6. Mike Brivel says:

    Hey, look at that. If you type ‘Alie and Georgia’ into a goole search it does return ‘are annoying,’ first. However if you look into it further the top references are about their own show. So, they are incorrect in thinking the nerdist pod cast made them ‘annoying.’ It’s more of a general consensus.

  7. Jaques Moi Eauf says:

    Good Christ, Allie needs a good, thorough stuffing more than a headless bird on Thanksgiving. She might be the most sexually-repressed woman I’ve encountered in any setting. It’s like she’s in denial about the sexual dynamics that occur between men and women. Relax, baby. It’s Friday night and you ain’t got nobody? Hit the town, have some cocktails, and let that handsome fellow you’ve been eyeing all night, ashamed of yourself of course for giving him “power” over you (it’s just chemistry and human genetic – go with it. All your illusions about sophistication are bullshit, baby. We’re animals. We drink, dine, fuck, dance, revel, and die. The rest is a lie to make you think you’re more than you are), take you home, rip your clothes off and give you a few sweaty, body-jolting orgasms. And don’t forget to ride him in the morning, baby. Maybe you’d lighten up and get with the program, little girl.

  8. rhzunam says:

    Typical battle of the sexes. First off, just because people are criticizing Allie and Georgia, doesn’t meant they are misogynists. Allie and Georgia are two persons and just because they are females, doesn’t mean they are exempt from being criticized.

    And just because Allie and Georgia don’t like James Bond and have criticize certain aspects they criticize it for, does it make them Misandrists. James Bond even less speaks for all males and is even less exempt from criticism as it’s just a series of movies.

  9. jonathan says:

    No more Ali and Georgia! They are aweful pod guests.

  10. Wilhelm says:

    Misogyny not dead! Alive and well on the Nerdist boards!

    It’s a free podcast you louts. You don’t own it just because you listen to it. Cut the Matts a break, they’re trying to entertain you. Allie and Georgia are fine, and calling a woman a c*** is never ok.

  11. tpang says:

    obnoxious, insufferable. Why can’t you just have Kumail on?

  12. Rick K says:

    I’m not one to be a hater but this was a bit much for me. I have no problem when someone has a different opinion but they didn’t even finish it. God knows I don’t ever want to watch Twilight cause it’s not for me but if someone asked me to do it for a podcast I would at least sit through the whole thing and try to give it a fair shake for if any reason but to find every little reason why I didn’t like it.

  13. BondingFans says:

    Great points by Nick W! Hopefully the Matt’s read his comment and don’t dismiss it with all of the angry messages.

  14. Talmidge says:

    1. It’s free is a crappy argument. By that logic you can never complain about network tv. The overwhelming majority of podcasts are free.

    2. Criticizing the podcast is fine but making value judgements about the people involved and invoking the c-word just gives them fuel to write off the entire comments section.