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Episode 010: James Bonding

James Bonding #010: THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH with Derek Miller and Jeremy Smith

The Matts are joined by Derek Miller and Jeremy Smith to talk about The World Is Not Enough!

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  1. Fartbooty says:

    Agent Cody Banks was better than this movie … jk I love this film!

  2. jphoss says:

    I grew up in Lewiston, Idaho where the Q-Boat was built for this film. When the film was released our local three-plex didn’t show “The World is Not Enough” so my parents drove me to Spokane, Washington to see the film. Even with a tie to the movie our local paper refused to give the film much attention due to the movie critics poor review of the film. The same Marina built all the boats used in Quantum of Solace as well.

  3. Fartbooty says:

    I liked this movie it might be my favorite double oh film I mean come on Mrs Doubtfire’s Pierce Brosnan and Wild Things Denise Richards what else do you need?!

  4. Nate2764 says:

    This has probably been answered already, but since I’m late to the James Bonding party I’ll just pretend that it hasn’t been. The song at the end of Licence to Kill is “If You Asked Me To” performed by Patti LaBelle, in reference to the Bond/Pam “Why don’t you wait until you’re asked/So why don’t you ask me” exchange in the film. But you were close with Celine Dion as she covered it in ’92, and if I recall correctly it ended up being more successful than the initial LaBelle version. There was a three film stretch there where they closed with soft pop, but has yet to be seen (rather heard) again since KD’s bombastic performance. Also, I’ve spent years living under the impression that her name was Dr. Molly Warmflesh. Made sense to me. Warmflash?…hm.

  5. Andy says:

    There was no new epsiode last week, they announced that on Twitter, but they also teased a special bonus episode early this week.

  6. Spree says:

    Guys, I just wanted to say thanks for your wonderful blog. Keep it on. Maybe you could do specials where you just talk about the latest news or the Bond actors in comparison.
    Just one little thing: Could you try to be more punctual with the new episodes. I thought there’s a new one every Thursday, but this is Saturday and I need a fix!!!

  7. Nolan says:

    Denise Richards will forever be able to call herself a co-star to Dame Judy Dench. Thank you, Bond, for making that happen.

  8. Peter Tupper says:

    I’m enjoying this series immensely.

    I urge you not only to do “Never Say Never Again”, but do the _other_ “Casino Royale”, the 1960s goofy acid movie version with David Niven and Peter Sellars. Heck, let’s be completist and do an episode on the second-tier Bond wannabes like the Matt Helm and Derek Flint movies.

  9. Vince says:

    First off, awesome job – you guys are a trooper for sitting through TWINE. Secondly, MAD props for catching ‘R’, because of the N64 game 😀 I’m very glad you guys are savvy to the Bond games as much as the movies. And Thirdly, congratulations; you have pinpointed exactly why people hate on the Brosnan movies and now I’m certain I cannot enjoy them as much anymore 🙂

    I mean, not saying I ever liked TWINE that much, but I really, really always liked Tomorrow Never Dies, and dig Goldeneye, and REMEMBER liking Die Another Day… I am afraid to rewatch them all now. Thanks to Purvis & Wade (they are idiots), and that crazy tonal shifting that runs rampant throughout Pierce’s movies.

    Also, I saw WatchMojo’s Top 10 list for worst CGI in big budget, successful movies, and now I feel REALLY bad for Brosnan in DAD:

    So interesting and so entertaining though. I LOVE this podcast!

  10. Nicholas A Nelson says:

    Keep Up the great work on your podcast Matts! IDEA! You initially opened the ‘cast by singing the JB theme and Lyrically using your names….Now you are playing the Theme songs from the movies. Perhaps next time we can hear a mix of the Matts Singing along to the Theme song of the next movie reviewed!? OHMSS will be a tough one unless you pick the Louie Armstrong song.
    Also did anyone catch the last aired SIMPSONS episode? They played the YOLT theme song with lyrics replaced with the phrase YOLO! Check it out if you can find it. After it remined me of the bond movie, I thought of you guys. Again, Love the Show!

    NN (aka zorin79)

  11. Spencer says:

    Can you guys do a segmetn where you talk about the people you want to be a villain and/or plot ideas for your dream bond movie?
    I think Vincent Cassel would be an amazing Bond Villain.

  12. Poetic Stanziel says:

    It will be a crying shame if you guys don’t do an episode for NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN. Preferably as the very last episode of the podcast. Or the penultimate episode, since you may want an episode to wrap it all up.

  13. Joshua Bryan Hammack says:

    Holy cow! i really have been enjoying this series. I really liked this episode, and makes me kinda of want to see this film again… and perhaps re-evaluate it. Your guest were fantastic, and enjoyed their knowledge that they brought to it. I hope they get to come back again.

  14. Colossus Prime says:

    Love the term “nipple slipple.” Also the one in Diamonds are forever is FAR from a slip (assuming we’re talking about O’Toole in the regrefully-ryhmed, pool). That’s actually pretty shocking how blatant it is for a Bond film.

  15. Nevans says:

    What is up with Gorley?! The World is Not Enough is not only the worst Brosnan flick but also possibly the worst Bond movie ever made.

  16. Bob G says:

    Sophie Marceau in the real world: talented, understated, gorgeous. Sophie Marceau in the poster: socks in her bra.

  17. Solid Muldoon says:

    How did you miss this?

    “Who are you? How did you get in?”

    I’m a locksmith. And I’m a locksmith.

  18. Wildride says:

    What does Renard say?!?

  19. Snark Twain says:

    First of all, why cast Denise Richards. WHY? But, let’s say we HAVE to have Denise RIchards in this movie. Couldn’t they have made her character the DAUGHTER of an actual physicist? And then her father could have know Electra’s father? And her father is killed by Renard so she decides to help James stop the bomb from exploding? Or there could have been some sort of theme about rebelling against fathers. I don’t know. Love this episode. Hate this movie. Ugh. When do we get to GoldenEye?

  20. Admiral Kent says:

    I love that you guys called this out as being stripped for parts for Skyfall. Although I liked it, Skyfall plays as a Purvis and Wade greatest hits compilation from the Brosnan years.