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Episode 0016: James Bonding

James Bonding #0016: LIVE AND LET DIE with Paul F. Tompkins

Paul F. Tompkins returns to James Bonding to discuss Live And Let Die!

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  1. NateP says:

    Why do these podcasts always start with 10+ minutes of nonsensical babbling before they get to talking about the actual movie? I get that the Matts are buds with their guests but having a little more focus while the mics are recording would make this a stronger podcast. 

  2. Geoff says:

    PUMA=Please Understand My Art

  3. JJ says:

    THIS IS IT!  They finally went back to their original format.  It was a fun and casual conversation, rather than have us listen to them just sit and watch the movie (like the past several episodes).  In fact, I think they hardly played any clips from the movie at all.  PFT was, again, a great addition to the group added great balance to the Matts.  Thanks!  This was a wonderful episode.

  4. Bob says:

    I just want to say I love this podcast. Thank you!

  5. Separate bathtubs Goldeneye party is the stuff of dreams. Great episode.

  6. Sean says:

    Baron Samedi.

    The name is pronounced Sam-dee…Sam-DEE…SAM-DEE…
    …not sah-MEH-dee.

  7. Connor says:

    Is the Universal Remote responsible for the lack of episodes over the past few weeks? Hurry up! I’m bored at work!

  8. Solid Muldoon says:

    “Names is for tombstones, baby.” My favorite line from the movie as well.

    This hit theaters when I was just old enough to go to movies by myself. My sister and I rode our bikes four miles to see it. About six times.

    It was the first Bond I saw in a theater

    But I’m jonesing for a new Bonding episode dudes! Hit me!

  9. Ryan_in_Iowa says:

    JayCobb1045 You are so right about this…

    – I was a little sad that there wasn’t any mention of my favorite line from the whole movie – “Names is for tombstones, baby!”

    Also the cabbie guy who looks like Lavar Burton, anything he says is hilarious…just his simple “Well Hello Jim.” Cracks me up every time!

  10. postman says:

    how about another episode already don’t you think its been long enough why should you have such a sporadic schedule its so annoying just do a bunch of episodes at one and stagger the release you guys don’t really get in depth enough anyway and tend to spend all your time joking around

  11. Sean says:

    The reason Q doesn’t appear in LALD is due to the desire of the producers to separate Conney and Moore after the mixed results of Lazenby (who was fashioned to be a Connery-clone).

    Notice the gun, the cigar smoking, no Q, etc. A lot of things were put in to simply contrast Connery’s previous outings.

  12. LevelledUp says:

    Yes it is basic politeness to just do a simple tweet saying you are not having one this week. I don’t think that’s at all too much to ask.

    Frankly if this was a kickstarted podcast like Cast of Kings, many of us would probably contribute.

    By the way guys, thanks to your podcast and choice of guests I discovered the Slumber Party podcast. Subscribed!

  13. Red says:

    I don’t mind that you guys aren’t on the most consistent basis but if you could just post a tweet or something that says no episode this week it would be great/just nice to knkw. Thanks!

  14. Chris says:

    oh yeah sorry but sheriff Pepper was great.and the boat chase is not too long why does everyone say that? it was epic!

  15. Chris says:

    also yes Whisper is still in that tiny rocket to this day

  16. Chris says:

    Matt you’re usually so well informed.the double decker bus in the chase scene was cut off and put on rollers! other than that good show

  17. JimmyB says:

    @Spencer, I am aware of the differences, I am from Scotland. I consider myself British and Scottish, though, as they don’t have to be a contradiction. I know people from England who consider themselves English and British, rather than just British. Differences be damned.

  18. Spencer says:

    I was rewatching Skyfall and during the opening segment I almost cried, did this happen to anyone else?

  19. jesture says:

    Will you guys be adults and please unblock me from @jamesbondingPOD – I’m sorry for being a passionate fan and a caring listener that actually misses you guys when it’s thursday and there’s no new episode, then expressing this passionately through twitter. Be good people instead of elitists and give me a second chance. Be a Chris Hardwick about this by being understanding and lend a fuckin’ hand. I’m sorry. I’ll never be passionate about your podcast again, I’m sorry. If you like I’ll send you money as though I paid for all the episodes I’ve listened to since this seems to be such a big part of way I’m not supposed to ever express contrary opinion. I’m paying $2.99 for the Fleming 45 minute T.V. episodes so what should I pay you?

  20. Pete R. says:

    Very enjoyable episode; thanks very much. (And while personal bathing rituals can be interesting, a speck more restraint may be in order next time. Just saying)
    As to Clifton James as Sheriff J.W. Pepper, I thought he was great. Yep, I said it. I thought he did a great job and the character was written with a great deal of enthusiasm and fun.
    Now regarding “Superman II”: James played the “same” character again? Again, I beg to differ. True, he did play a uniformed patrolman in a rural setting, but the differences are as numerous as the similarities. Pepper was a genuine buffoon, exploding at everyone around him as Bond destroyed the bayou, while James’ sheriff in “II”, while maybe not the sharpest blade, was a quieter, more rational (albeit slightly silly) cop mostly just trying to comprehend his small town getting wasted by the supervillains. He wasn’t a tobacco-chomping, vaguely bigoted caricature, he was practically a likable fellow who likely would have quit early if Bond had blasted through his town.
    Tom Mankiewicz, by the way, likely was the one who got James the “Superman II” part; he wrote the “Live and Let Die” screenplay and rewrote the first two “Supermans.” Did Richard Lester even direct those scenes?

  21. Sean B. says:

    Before seeing him as Sheriff Pepper, I just remembered Clifton James as the D.A. in The Untouchables and as Charles Comiskey in Eight Men Out. I couldn’t believe that was the same actor.

  22. Glenn says:

    The burn -victim actor you trying to think of was probably Richard Lynch.

    Love the podcast!

  23. Vince says:

    Paul F. Tompkins… you were already my favorite comedian. Now that I know you loved GoldenEye (and Bioshock Infinite), you have not only climbed to the top of the mountain, but you are resting comfortably at the time and murdered everyone climbing up there 🙂

    I am 100% onboard “Video Game Day” feat. Paul F. Tompkins.

    Also, props for the “I believe we’re getting off track here” 🙂 James Bonding is amazing, but it certainly gets off track every… 10 minutes or so 😛 But I am super glad to hear the Roger Moore era bring about the Roger Moore enthusiasm!

  24. Julian Watkins says:

    That was totally the corner that was used as Guy Banister’s office in JFK. Great podcast, can’t wait for the next one. Although I loathe Roger Moore I think these films are hilarious in how dull they are, no offense fellas. Just finished watching all 23 and Never Say Never Again and I anticipate the rest of the journey with ya.

  25. Andy says:

    Roger Moore is SUPER charming, he isn’t my favorite Bond but I do really like him (my problem is often I can’t remember which movie of his is which…they all sort of blend together into one super Bond movie, that probably isn’t good for a Bond Fan and it certainly isn’t his fault ha) I can see why people don’t like him but I just have fun watching him be Bond. it is fun! And I’m with Matt G, Roger looks GREAT coming off the plane in New York, I want to look like that. Why don’t I look like that? Like I said above I like this movie a lot, I’m not a fan of Mr Big but I really like his hencmen. The guy with one hand is so intimidating and Baron Samadi is just menacingly creepy and really sells his performance, I love it, he is easily my favorite henchmen and one of my favorite Bond characters in general. Also I know this has come up before with Lazenby being super dated in his clothes, but Roger Moore’s gun barrel sequence…man those are some 70s flairy pants. And I can’t ever take my eyes off of them. And I CAN’T STAND Sheriff Peppers. He is terrible in this and worse (somehow) in Man with the Golden Gun. AND FINALLY I’m 100% with Matt G on Baths. I used to take them all the time in the morning because of a back problem BUT I don’t do it anymore as my home doesn’t have a very good tub and I miss them sometimes, there is nothing better than a bath in the morning. Also a night. I like baths.

  26. DubipR says:

    Loving having PFT back for more Bonding! What strikes is that this is the only Bond film to have actually political assassination in it. Kananga was the Prime Minister of San Monique. I’m surprised Bond wasn’t brought up on charges of killing a foreign dignitary.

    This wasn’t brought up….shame!

  27. Michael says:

    By the way, don’t worry about the schedule. I never notice when a podcast doesn’t show up. I’m only ever pleasantly surprised when it arrives. You can release the next episode in 2015 for all I care, if it’s as good as this one it won’t bug me a bit..

    Of course, I can only speak for myself. But if anyone thinks differently, I think Paul F. Tompkins has a pertinent piece of advice for them.

  28. Michael says:

    Great episode. You covered so much good stuff that I have to forgive you for missing one of my favorite aspects. It seems like Roger Moore decided he wasn’t going to fall into the same trap as George Lazenby. So, rather than trying to prove that he was Sean Connery, he deliberately went against all the traditions that Connery set up.

    He doesn’t drive an Aston Martin. He smokes cigars instead of cigarettes. When he should have ordered a vodka martini, he got a bourbon, neat.

    But my favorite part was the scene where he introduces himself. Kananga walks out of the meeting, and Bond says, “My name is…” I’m sure everyone in the theatre was expecting, “Bond. James Bond.” But instead, Kananga cuts him off with, “Names is for tombstones, baby.” One of the most quotable lines in the canon.

  29. Andy says:

    Does Matt Mira just not listen to Matt Gourley? Matt G has said his favorite Bond is Daniel Craig REPEATEDLY and Matt M insists it is Roger Moore. Only 15 minutes into this episode and it is great 😀 Glad you guys are back and Matt G is happy again. I do really like this movie, excited for the rest of the episode.

  30. Spencer says:

    @ JimmyB, Scotland and Wales are a part of Great Britain but there are cultural differences between England, Scotland, and Wales. History, Accents, foods, it’s the same politically but culturally there are some distinct things that are different.

  31. JayCobb1045 says:

    This movie is one I used to rank fairly low on the Bond list, but each time I watch it, it creeps higher and higher up the ladder. I think the blaxploitation and voodoo stuff used to put me off in the context of a Bond film, but once you just embrace it, the movie really is an excellent, fun installment!

    The podcast was great, PFT is always amazing, and its decidedly more fun to listen to an episode where they really like the film than the ones where they don’t care for it as much. That being said, am I the only one who is sad that we’re so close to the end?? I’m holding on to hope that they milk it out for several more episodes after they’re done with the films – an episode about villains, an episode about girls, an episode about gadgets…the possibilities are endless!

    A few notes:

    – “The man who shares my hairbrush” is just because he uses his hairbrush transmitter gadget to signal Quarrel from the window of the hotel room! If it’s also some 70’s English expression I’m unfamiliar with, then that makes the line even better, but I think it’s just a reference to that gadget.

    – I think there’s a small continuity error in the movie. The first time he’s in Filet of Soul and the waiter takes the money and the drink and Bond gets spun around to the room where Mr. Big is waiting for him, I’m pretty sure that when he ends up in Mr. Big’s office he has the money in his hand again! Did anyone else catch this?

    – I was a little sad that there wasn’t any mention of my favorite line from the whole movie – “Names is for tombstones, baby!”

  32. pan of steel says:

    Fantastic episode. It scored not one, but two embarrassing-laugh-out-loud-on-the-bus-moments. keep up the good work, chaps.

    I wasn’t bothered by the podcast saying Scotland & Wales were not in Great Britain. I’m was obviously a slip of the tongue rather than a deliberate slight. Matt Mira is one of the most pro-English Americans I can think of, and constantly shows his knowledge of & fondness for English culture.

    Anti-Englishness is endemic in American culture & always has been (for obvious reasons: War of Independence etc.), but a lot of Americans don’t actually realise it. This was not a case of that, but an honest error.

  33. Wildride says:

    I think Mr. Big was actually based on the candy bar. #citationneeded

  34. Wildride says:

    Somebody’s got to do a version of the “Get me on the next plane/You’re already on it.” Where they do a push in for a closeup on their faces for that dialogue and then pull out to reveal they’re sitting next to each other on a plane. “Ooh, that was quick.”

    Of course the Welsh are actual Britons (descended from), as are those from the west country (pirate dialect) and Strathclyde. In a certain, not recognized by anyone I’m aware of, way, Timothy is the most British.


  35. Taalan says:


  36. j says:

    Fun Fact: In the Goldeneye N64 game you could injure Baron Samedi by shooting his top-hat. I will always remember that and I will never remember how my own country’s parliamentary system works.

  37. Spencer says:

    Live and Let Die aka Tyler Perry Presents: James Bond. I like this one alot but Man with The Golden Gun is my favorite. More PFT he’s perfect for this.

  38. Scott says:

    I may complain about podcast scheduling, but that’s just because I want more of this podcast 🙂

  39. jesse says:

    This is, hands down, one of my favorite episodes of this podcast so far. So happy this was the second longest so far!

  40. Adam says:

    My favorite Bond movie and Paul F. Tompkins. This is better than great.

  41. jibjab says:

    Sure Scotland and Wales are technically Britain but a lot of Scots and Welsh aren’t too pleased with being called British

  42. Richard says:

    Hi fellas, you Seem to be getting England and Britain confused, Scotland and Wales are in Britain and Scots and Welsh like Connery and Dalton are British.
    BTW when referring to mother’s we use the term ‘mum’ which is prounonced in the same way as ‘sum’ or ‘gum’ as opposed to your ‘mom’ however when adressing a female authority figure the title of ‘ma’am’ which is prounced in the same way as ‘palm’ or ‘calm’. Cheers lads.

  43. goatofthewoods says:

    With the release of this, The Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Project and Never Not Funny going free, I feel like every Thursday is my birthday.

  44. Admiral Kent says:

    I’ve always had mixed emotions about LALD, because it’s a mixed bag. It’s a spiritual successor to Dr. No and has a nice throwback feel to it, but “You gotta honkey on your tail!”…Sheriff Pepper, and the villain farting up to the ceiling and exploding at the end really hampers it for me. Otherwise the cool voodoo aspects make it unique.

  45. Patrick says:


  46. JimmyB says:

    Connery and Dalton are British too. Scotland and Wales are part of Great Britain etc etc.